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  • FFXI Dark Knight Guide
    By zaryab2023-02-01 00:00:00

    The massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Final Fantasy XI, usually known as FF11, was released by Square Enix in 2002. Players can interact with one another, go on numerous tasks, and engage in combat in the game's location of Vana'diel. Despite its older age, FFXI has maintained a strong player base and is still regarded as a top game. New features and tasks have been added to the game through expansion packs and content updates, retaining players' interest. Additionally, you will be able to play with several characters taking up several kinds of jobs.


    In this guide, we will be discussing the advanced job of Dark Knight in Final Fantasy 11. For more information about jobs and guides, turn to the latest Final Fantasy XI news and guides, where you get a whole lot of information about newly added things to FFXI. Let’s get started!


    Dark Knight Advanced Job in FFXI

    One of the original six Advanced Jobs is the Dark Knight, which is the polar opposite of the Paladin. Players who have finished the "Knight of the Blackened Brew" quest and have the level of Paladin at level 30 or higher in Final Fantasy XI can unlock the Dark Knight. Dark Knights are a melee class with the ability to tank and specialize in providing severe physical damage to opponents. They are adaptable in combat due to their access to a wide variety of skills and weapons. Blood Weapon is a special ability used by The Dark Knight that allows them to momentarily increase the damage of their next attack by sacrificing HP.




    Important Things to Know About Dark Knight


    Dark Knight is also known as "Glass Cannons" in FFXI. This job role is the exact opposite of Paladin.


    Dark Knight specializes in low-level Black Magic rather than White Magic and deals massive single-hit damage. The abilities generate a lot of hate when used properly.


    It takes a lot of expertise to wield Dark Knight to its full potential, and the player must pay close attention to their hate threshold.


    Dark Knight's job abilities are different from those of a Paladin in that they lower survivability.


    Dark Knights have a limited amount of MP. Therefore, you have to be very careful how you utilize spells.


    A skillfully handled Dark Knight can be a very powerful addition to any group or party. A Dark Knight who isn't playing well may end up dying a lot or being a weak damage dealer.


    Unlocking Dark Knight (Level 30 Required)



    Go and talk to Gumbah, who will mention witnessing a weird knight in the Palborough mines. Take the little boat back to the Zehurn Mines from the third floor of the Palborough Mines. Zied the Dark Knight will present a two-handed sword after the boat ride. Slay 100 creatures while using the sword, then meet Zied at Beadeaux. Pashow Marshlands' southwest corner is where Beadeaux is situated. A Dark Knight job is appointed after meeting Zied.


    Unique Abilities of Dark Knight


    Souleater: a powerful damage-dealing ability that can hit multiple enemies at once.


    Spinning Slash: an area-of-effect attack that deals damage to all enemies in a cone in front of the Dark Knight.


    Living Dead: an ability that makes the player immune to many instant death effects for a short period and boosts the player's HP recovery.


    Drain: Dark Knight can drain enemy MP to fuel their abilities.


    Two-handed weapons: they can wield powerful two-handed weapons, such as Great Swords and Polearms.


    Leveling Up With Dark Knight


    Level 1-10

    From levels 1-10, soloing can be a bit exhausting. This is because the attacks are slow, which can give a tough time at these levels. Using the Chaosbringer weapon you receive after completing Dark Knight is not recommended. However, it might be advantageous if you chose a Great Axe or Great Sword with some respectable long-term damage. Purchasing a one-handed Sword or Axe for these levels is an additional option for you at these beginning levels. Even in a sticky position, your two-hour talent is rather useless in this case. Wait until Lv.30 to rely on it to save you. At this level, Dark Knight has a good defensive rating and can frequently use spells to reduce monsters to a one-hit KO range before they ever get to you. You receive Arcane Circle at level 5; it helps your group and is effective against arcane monsters.


    Level 10-20

    From level 10-20, you will go through easily with Dark Knight. At level 10, you receive your first attack bonus, making you an immediate damage dealer. Shield Break, a Great Axe weapon skill, is the most helpful at these levels when everyone is experiencing poor accuracy. A severely diminished form of Berserk, the Warrior job ability, is available at level 15. It's called Last Resort, and during the full thirty seconds, it raises your attack by 15% and decreases your defense by 15%. The ideal scenario is to activate Last Resort before the fight even begins, then use a weapon skill with it active. This may be done by waiting until you have 100% or more TP before the start of a fight.


    Level 20-40

    Without a doubt, Dark Knight continues to be a pain to level until level 30, when Souleater becomes available. You unlock the Weapon Bash job ability at level 20. It stuns the monster while also dealing minor damage when you strike it with the blunt side of your weapon. Due to its +10 accuracy bonus, Ranger becomes a viable sub-profession at Lv. 20. This gives a low-level character's accuracy a significant boost. At level 30, Warrior or Dragon is the preferable class. Dragoon with Jump, haste, and a minor attack increase from the back equipment, and Warrior with Berserk and an axe belt. Berserk, Last Resort, and Souleater can produce over 300+ damage when utilized with Sturmwind when utilizing Warrior as a sub-profession at levels 30 to 40. Your AF weapon increases both your strength and intelligence stats at the same time while dealing extremely high damage over time.


    Level 40-60

    These mid-levels are quite nice and extremely hurtful to Dark Knights at the same time. First, the bad news: this is where a lot of jobs are written off and where a lot of other damage dealers become trapped. You'll be sitting there, looking about aimlessly alongside 15 other damage-doers. You acquire some of your most amazing spells and weapon talents throughout these levels. Specifically, Lv. 60 when you eventually obtain the Guillotine. Great spells like Absorb-STR, DEX, and TP can help you increase either stat where you need it the most. You will frequently kick opponents' asses to start fights in these stages before using Souleater + Weapon Skill in the conclusion. But now you can absorb the target's TP each minute.


    Level 60-74

    The moment has come to start the final fifteen levels of Dark Knight now that you have your most useful artifact equipment. Even though it will be difficult for you to locate parties, you will now be more adept at attending them. Additionally, if you team up with a Paladin, there is nearly no chance that they will develop hatred for you, allowing you to breeze through these levels. Two cool Dark Knight-only spells are unlocked in these levels. Dread Spikes and Drain II. Since you can drain past your maximum HP and keep it there until you can use it again, Drain II at level 62 works effectively at the beginning of battles. More Souleater damage and greater survivability result from this.


    Level 75-Endgame

    The Dark Knight will behave in the end-game activities the same way he does in parties, dealing damage and absorbing the stats of the mobs. To prevent the group from taking significant damage if not stunned in time, the Dark Knight will be concentrating more on stunners like Meltdown. Dark Knights may occasionally be requested only to zerg an HNM. A well-equipped and highly merited Dark Knight may still deal a lot of damage even without the Kraken Club because they can surpass the 80% haste cap.


    Benefits of Using Dark Knight in FFXI

    The Dark Knight is a strong advanced job in Final Fantasy XI that specializes in damaging opponents and tanking. Dark Knights have several strong abilities at their disposal, including Souleater and Spinning Slash, which may do a lot of damage to foes. Dark Knights are a great asset to teams since they can absorb and lessen damage from foes with skills like Dark Shield and Living Dead. Additionally, Dark Knights have access to several useful abilities like Drain and Aspir, which can steal enemy MP and HP, respectively. Dark Knight is thought to have a high survival rate because of the tanking skills, their availability of strong abilities, and the combination of both. They can fight on the front lines and still largely avoid injury. Dark Knight can be used in a variety of ways, including as a pure tank or a hybrid DD/Tank. They are very versatile in combat because of their ability to use great swords and katanas.



    Dark Knights are an excellent choice for players searching for a powerful melee character because of their versatility, strong damage output, and tanking skills. Hope this guide helps you understand more about the Dark Knight job in FFXI.