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Fallout 76 Map Guide - 6 Regions, Locations, Levels and Treasure Maps

By Shirley Huang2019-07-17

Fallout 76 map is one of the largest maps in series history (it covers 16 square miles).

Fallout 76 map is divided into six different zones with different levels of danger, monsters and rewards.

While it isn’t necessarily clear on the in-game map, and each region caters for a certain level of player. There are some regions which players would do best to steer clear of until they reach a certain level. Otherwise, they may run into more trouble than they can handle. If you know where to go, it can save you a lot of time, and you can find resources, missions, characters and rely on a good understanding of the terrain in Fallout 76. Whatever you need to do or find, mmogah’s guide will help you navigate, find where you need to go. 

Here's how the areas scale up in terms of levels:

The Forest: level 1-10

This region is the game’s starting area and the safest region in the game, with a minimum level of 1 and a rough maximum level of 10.

Toxic Valley: level 10-25

Savage Divide: Level 15-99

Ash Heap: Level 25-35

The Mire: Level 30-99

Cranberry Bog: Level 35-99

A set range of enemies (and levels) can spawn at random throughout these regions. The Forest is obviously the starting area and the location of Vault 76. Generally you are safe in the Forest, but check your level before you head anywhere else. So if you're in the Forest, you shouldn't face anything higher than Level 10 - whereas other places could be much higher. Unsurprisingly, if you want to wander in high level maps: Cranberry Bog and The Mire are definitely not places you want to rush into. They are only for top level players.

When you leave the vault and follow the initial quest, you will enter a wider world, and reach a camp you can make a good base. Where you go depend on you. You can see a couple of quests in each landmark, especially the named locations, and you'll likely to pick up all sorts of other things along the way.

Important note: you can fast travel to different places, and it's worth walking through areas just to pop a marker on the Fallout 76 map. When you wander in the map, keep an eye on your radar, you'll see location icons appear all around you, and you just walk towards one direction until it says “discovered” and then you can use it for fast travel. You can also fast travel to join public events in areas, which is a great way to expand you on the Fallout 76 map. 


The region of Appalachia known to survivors as the "Savage Divide" is a mountainous area whose rocky landscape is difficult to cross and easy to get lost in.

Perhaps Savage Divide is the largest region. The Savage Divide spans the entire map from north to south. Dividing the Forest, Toxic Valley, and Ash Heap from the Mire and Cranberry Bog. Try not to wander into this waste until you reach level 15. This is one of three regions which has no recommended maximum level, and it should continue to provide a challenge no matter what level you are.


There are 10 Savage Divide treasure maps which guide you to treasures buried in Savage Divide. Each one shows a specific location you have to find, so that you can dig up the treasure, and you can find all the treasure locations including maps.

Please note: You need to have the treasure map in your inventory, otherwise you can’t dig up the treasure! The treasure map is removed as soon as you find the treasure.


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