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Fastest Way to Earn Caps in Fallout 76

By Jessie2024-05-16

Welcome to the world of Fallout 76, where caps are king and your wealth is your weapon! If you're curious about how to keep your FO 76 cap stash growing—even while you're away from the game—I've got some tricks up my sleeve that I'm eager to share. Let's delve into the cap-accumulation tactics that promise to keep your pockets brimming and your adversaries envious.

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Maximizing Loot at West Tek Research Center

Firstly, travel to the West Tek Research Center. Once there, clear out all the mutants and loot them. The trick is to continue looting even after reaching the maximum weight limit. Make sure to collect all the weapons dropped by the mutants. After clearing the compound area, enter the West Tek Research Center. Inside, you'll find more mutants and more loot. Open your map and click on the Plane icon. If this icon isn't available, go to Whitespring and complete a couple of quests to unlock the Expedition feature. Then, you can select any Expedition to start a new one.

Once the Expedition starts, you'll be aboard the plane. Simply open your map and click to fast travel to Whitespring. You'll be teleported there, even if you're carrying excess weight. From there, proceed to the Whitespring Mall, where you can visit the vendor to sell all your loot. You can sell each weapon for approximately 30 caps. By selling all your loot, you'll earn a significant number of FO76 caps. This method can be repeated by logging out, logging back in, server hopping, and repeating the entire process: go to West Tek, eliminate the mutants, loot the mall, then return to Whitespring to sell your loot until you reach the daily sell limit.

Continuing Cap Collection Post-Daily Limit

But what about after you've hit your daily cap limit? No problem! You can still earn caps by finding teddy bears or using the AFK method.

Earning Caps with Teddy Bear Expeditions

First, open your map and select the Plane icon, then choose Atlantic City and the Boardwalk. Next, initiate a new Expedition by clicking 'Start on New Expedition' to begin the most sensational game expedition.

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Once the Expedition begins, proceed as usual until you reach Showman’s Pier. There, you must find hidden teddy bears, which is part of an optional quest. Each teddy bear you loot will earn you 100 caps, and you can continue to collect these caps even after reaching your daily limit. After looting the teddy bear, you have the option to either leave the Expedition and start a new one or complete the entire Expedition. If you're focused on grinding, you may choose to leave the expedition and begin a new.

AFK Vending

The AFK method involves selling items while you are away from the keyboard (AFK).

Firstly, go to your home or C.A.M.P. and ensure you have a Vending Machine. You can sell popular items such as the Fixer, Plans, Ammo, Unyielding Armor, and Bloodied Weapons while you are AFK. As for the pricing, you can check the market price for these items. Once you've stocked your vending machine with these items, find a hidden and safe location. You can do this inside your shelter, where no bots will attack you. You also need to set the Public Map Icon to 'on.' Then, make sure your character continues to walk forward. You can use a rubber band or another object to hold down your controller's joystick or a key on your keyboard to ensure your character keeps moving.

And there you have it—a guide to maximizing your caps in Fallout 76, whether you're actively playing or not. Happy cap collecting!

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