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  • Top 5 Ways to Level Up Fast in ESO – Level 1 to 50
    By Michel Z2020-10-13 00:00:00

    Welcome to the ESO leveling guide. Hack The Minotaur's video will list his top five best ways to gain experience and level up from 1 to 50 in the Elder Scrolls Online for 2020. If you're looking to level up some new characters during a double experience event, this is the video for you.



    5. Grinding Enemies

    Grinding enemies is one of the most effective ways to get XP in the game by far, and with this method, you can also get ESO gold fast, but it is also boring at times. For that reason, I don't recommend that you do this all day long, especially not if you are brand new to the game. If this is your first time playing the game, you'll want to take breaks for things like questing, exploration, grouping, crafting, etc. to experience the game first. But when you're ready and want to gain levels fast, grinding enemies is an effective way.


    To make enemy grinding more efficient, make sure to pick a location that's not too crowded and has a fast enemy respawn time and a large number of enemies that can easily be pulled towards you. Melee enemies like zombies, spiders, and bears will be the best because they won't stop halfway through your pull to cast spells or shoot an arrow at you. Any type of enemy is OK, as long as you can find lots of them in a specific area.


    Don't forget to grab your Training Gear, Experience Scrolls, and double XP Mementos if those are active. Also, grouping up with another person will add more experience and let you drop enemies faster.

    4. Exploration

    The Elder Scrolls Online has thousands of potential named locations that you can find all across Tamriel and add to your map, and each time you do that, you get free XP. Besides, completing and clearing certain locations like Delves, Dungeons, and Dolmens gives you an extra, one-time experience boost. All that experience is amplified further by things like Experience Scrolls and other bonuses.


    You also have more chances to find things when exploring the world. Treasure chests can give you set items, gold, and experience for opening them. Skyshards can be combined to give your character extra skill points. They unlock new skills that will make your character stronger. Don't forget to read every bookshelf you come across as they give you free skill points in specific skill lines. Watch out for Lorebooks, especially those Mages Guild Lorebooks, if you are a Magicka-focused character.

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    3. Questing

    Every quest in ESO gives you a good chunk of experience for completing it, but some quests give you more experience than others. Short basic quests give the least amount of XP, while the longer, more elaborate quests give you the best experience. This includes the main game storyline, the DLC’s and the chapter questlines, and the main quests for each of the three faction alliances. Those main quests also usually give you set items and a free skill point. Therefore, I recommend you focus on those main quests and complete them as many as possible.


    2. Dolmen Farming

    Dolmen farming is a very specific type of grinding. Dolmens are the Daedric Anchors that have invaded Tamriel as part of the main ESO storyline. Every zone in the base game has three Dolmen spawn points. When each Dolmen spawns, it brings in wave after wave of Daedra enemies with it, which provides you a lot of experience. After all the waves are completed, the final boss for the Dolmen spawns. When you defeat the final boss and the Dolmen gets cleared, you'll get more bonus experience. This is good because you're stacking experience on top of the experience.

    The more players fighting against a Dolmen will cause more enemies to spawn in at each wave. Thus, fighting against a Dolmen with other players can offer a lot more XP than facing the same Dolmen by yourself. Remember that more enemies equal more experience. For this reason, that also makes sense to join a Dolmen group, if possible.


    In terms of how to fight, range weapons and abilities will be the best because these allow you to damage enemies quickly from afar without moving into the melee range, and you can hit more enemies quicker.


    If possible, try to complete all three Dolmens in the zone by running between Wayshrines and teleporting near each Dolmen as it respawns. If you do this correctly, you can have almost no downtime between those Dolmen spawns, providing massive experience gain.


    1. Daily Group Rewards

    You can only do a few of these per day, but the experience gained when you complete them is amazing. Under the Activity Finder, you can do the random group finder, which will put you in a random group dungeon, or on the PvP side of things, you can also queue for the random battleground.


    For the random group dungeon, you must complete the entire dungeon to get the reward. Depending on your group, this can take 10-20 minutes, but it's well worth it. As soon as you complete the dungeon, you'll see that massive experience boosts come in. Depending on how many experience bonuses you have active on your character, you can gain up to two or three levels at a time from this activity. Plus, you'll get the extra experience and the skill point from the dungeon quest if this is a brand new dungeon for your character.


    PvP battleground has a similar XP bonus, and you don't even have to win the battleground match to get it. All you need for your team is to place at least second, and you will get the same random reward experience. If you don't get the first time, keep trying. I leveled up from both of these random group events. Therefore, make sure you complete both once a day for a fantastic way to level up quickly in ESO.


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