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ESO Builds: Best Stamina Necromancer Build - Stonethorn

Michel Z September 21st, 2020 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Welcome to Nes ESO's best Stamina Necromancer build for solo and group play. This build includes the use of the Bloodthirty trait, which is excellent for PvP and PvE in the Elder Scrolls Online. In the Stonethorn DLC, Bloodthirsty now grants up to 350 extra Weapon/Spell Damage against enemies below 90% Health.

Necromancer is the newest class of ESO, and you have to buy this class from the Crown Store with 1,500 Crowns if you only have the base game. But there is a way to get Crowns without paying – buying Crowns with ESO gold




Stamina: 64 Points

Race: Orc

Mundus Stone: The Shadow.

Food: Lava Foot Soup & Saltrice


My top 2 recommendations are the Shadow and the Warrior. Shadow is a lot better for healing, and you will crit very hard, but the Warrior is good regardless.





Maximum Magicka: 12350

Maximum Health: 26380

Maximum Stamina: 31119

Magicka Recovery: 514

Health Recovery: 334

Stamina Recovery: 1330

Spell Damage: 2064

Spell Critical: 19%

Weapon Damage: 3441

Weapon Critical: 44.1%

Spell Resistance: 13127

Critical Resistance: 3323

Physical Resistance: 13127



Armour Sets


Head: Balorgh's Visage

Type: Heavy

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect


Chest: Clever Alchemist Jack

Type: Medium

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect


Shoulders: Balorgh's Pauldrons

Type: Heavy

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect


Waist: Briarheart Belt

Type: Medium

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect

Hands: Clever Alchemist Bracers

Type: Medium

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect

Legs: Clever Alchemist Guards

Type: Medium

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect


Feet: Clever Alchemist Boots

Type: Medium

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Multi-effect


Necklace: Briarheart Collar

Type: Jewel

Traits: Bloodthirsty

Enchantment: Weapon Damage


Ring: Ring of the Wild Hunt

Type: Jewel

Traits: Bloodthirsty

Enchantment: Weapon Damage


Ring: Briarheart Band

Type: Jewel

Traits: Bloodthirsty

Enchantment: Weapon Damage


I am using Bloodthirsty because I think it's the best trait for PvP and PvE. It increases your Weapon and Spell Damage against enemies under 90% Health by up to 350. The lower health you get somebody, the more guaranteed they are to die.


Main Hand Weapon

Two-handed Weapon: Briarheart Maul

Type: Medium

Traits: Nirnhoned (You can do Sharpened instead, and it is dependent on whom you are fighting)

Enchantment: Weapon Damage


Main Hand Back-up

Clever Alchemist Sword

Traits: Nirnhoned

Enchantment: Escapist's Poison IX


Off-hand Back-up

Clever Alchemist Shield

Traits: Impenetrable

Enchantment: Max. Stamina


Poison Back-up

Escapist's Poison IX


I have six pieces of Clever Alchemist on the Back Bar. If you want to be a little more optimal, you can get a Briarheart piece here, either a 1H or a shield of Briarheart, so you have one Clever and one Briarheart. Whichever way you have it, you can get a little more crit on your back bar for your healing.

ESO Builds Best Stamina Necromancer Build – Stonethorn  P1




Front Bar

Skill 1: Dizzying Swing

Skill 2: Camouflaged Hunter

Skill 3: Forward Momentum

Skill 4: Blighted Blastbones

Skill 5: Reverse Slice

Skill 6: Dawnbreaker of Smiting



Back Bar

Skill 1: Braided Tether

Skill 2: Spirit Guardian

Skill 3: Resolving Vigor

Skill 4: Elude

Skill 5: Beckoning Armor

Skill 6: Temporal Guard



Champion Points


The Apprentice: Blessed – 43


The Atronach: Master-at-Arms – 81


The Ritual: Precise Strikes – 48, Piercing – 55, Mighty – 43


The Steed: Ironclad – 61, Resistant – 43


The Lady: Hardy – 43, Elemental Defender – 43, Thick Skinned – 37


The Lord: Quick Recovery – 43


The Tower: Warlord – 48, Sprinter – 22, Siphoner – 1


The Lover: Mooncalf – 56


The Shadow: Shadow Ward – 40, Tumbling – 40, Befoul – 63


That's the Stamina Necromancer Build. If you find this guide helpful, please leave a like on the video and share it with friends. Don't forget to bookmark the news page on MmoGah so that you don't miss out on any ESO Build and guide. For players who don't have time to grind, it will be a good idea to buy ESO gold online. With over ten years' experience and a high reputation in this range, MmoGah is a trustworthy MMO currency trading site. To make sure your purchase is fast and safe, we use a secure method to deliver gold, and since the day we started selling Elder Scrolls Online items and gold, no customer has been banned.


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