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The Elder Scrolls Online Plus Bonus Event Begins on July 10-16

Delia Woolf July 09th, 2018 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   


Thinking about ESO Plus™ membership? Take part in our upcoming Bonus Event to enjoy select Elder Scrolls Online Plus benefits free. Already a member? You can earn up to six Psijic Vault Crown Crates simply by logging into the game! Read on to learn more about the next ESO Plus Bonus Event.

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The ESO Plus Bonus Event begins on Tuesday, July 10 at 10:00AM EDT and will run until Monday, July 16 at 10:00AM EDT. During the event, ESO Plus members can earn up to six free Crown Crates just by logging into the game. If you're not already a member, don't worry, you can trial select ESO Plus benefits completely free for the event period. No strings attached!



To show our appreciation for existing ESO Plus members, we're giving out up to six free Psijic Vault Crown Crates during the event.

The Psijic Vault Crown Crates contain a host of strange and powerful items hidden from Tamriel for centuries by the monastic order. These items include fantastic beasts, mysterious collectibles and styles, and a selection of useful consumables.


Psijic Horse Exemplar mount


Skein Scorpion pet


You can discover some of items available in Psijic Vault Crown crates in our announcement article.

To take part in the ESO Plus Bonus Event, log into the game with an active paid ESO Plus membership (the free trial does not count, sorry) each day from July 10 until July 15. Note that in order to qualify, each unique login must occur within a 24-hour time period that starts at 10:00AM EDT and ends at 10:00AM EDT the next day. If you remain logged in over a two-day period, it will only count as a single entry. You must log completely out of the game and back in – only logging out to the character select screen will not work. The free Crown Crates will be delivered to your account by Friday, July 20. Check your Crown Crates menu!


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During the event period, you can enjoy select ESO Plus benefits free for a limited time with no strings attached. This includes the following:

•Full access to DLC game packs – new zones, quests, dungeons, and more

。Includes the Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Shadows of the Hist, Horns of the Reach, Clockwork City, Dragon Bones, and Morrowind (zone and story)

•A Craft Bag offering you unlimited storage for all of your crafting materials

•Double Bank space for all the characters on your account

•10% increase to Experience and Gold acquisition, Crafting Inspiration, and Trait Research rates

•Double Furnishings and Collectibles space in player housing

•Exclusive ability to dye costumes

•Double Transmute Crystal storage

(Note that the monthly stipend of 1500 Crowns available to paid members only.)



Here's what you need to do to trial ESO Plus and enjoy some of the above benefits completely free:

1.Log into The Elder Scrolls Online.

2.Navigate to the Crown Store.

3.View the “Featured" category.

4.Find and select the ESO Plus Free Trial.

You don't need to provide credit card or any other account info to check out ESO Plus. Simply go to the in-game Crown Store and activate it. Easy!



We love sharing and celebrating ESO Plus with the community. Are you thinking about picking up membership? Test it out yourself for free! The ESO Plus Bonus Event begins at 10:00AM EDT Tuesday, July 10 and ends at 10:00AM EDT Monday July 16 on all platforms.


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