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ESO Oakensoul Ring Build – Stamina Warden DPS for PvE – High Isle

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Oakensoul Ring is a Mythic item that will be introduced to The Elder Scrolls Online with the High Isle Chapter. The ring allows for builds that don't require players to swap between two different weapons. In this guide, ArzyeL Gaming shares a one-bar Stamina Warden PvE build, which uses the Oakensoul Ring. With this build, you will get many Major buffs to defeat enemies with a simple rotation. 


Collecting the ideal gear, weapons, food, and potions for a build can be time-consuming. You can farm or craft them by yourself, but when your in-game life gets busy, you don't have to do everything alone. Using your ESO gold to buy from other players selling items can save you a lot of time and effort, making your in-game life much easier.



General Information

64 points into Stamina


Maximum Magicka: 15007

Magicka Recovery: 791

Maximum Health: 20474

Health Recovery: 700

Maximum Stamina 32837

Stamina Recovery: 1656

Spell Damage: 4671

Spell Critical: 57.3%

Spell Penetration 3126

Weapon Damage: 5361

Weapon Critical: 57.3%

Physical Penetration: 3126

Spell Resistance: 17271

Physical Resistance 16545

Critical Resistance: 1320


Mundus: The Thief

Food: Artaeum Takeaway Broth or Orzorga's Smoked Bear Haunch

Potions: Essence of Stamina/Tri-Stat potions

Race: Dark Elf/Orc/Khajiit


Gear Setup











Maximum Stamina


Tzogvin's Warband



Maximum Stamina


Arms of Relequen (Perfected)



Maximum Stamina


Arms of Relequen (Perfected)



Maximum Stamina


Arms of Relequen (Perfected)



Maximum Stamina


Arms of Relequen (Perfected)



Maximum Stamina


Arms of Relequen (Perfected)



Maximum Stamina


Tzogvin's Warband



Weapon Damage

Ring 1

Tzogvin's Warband



Weapon Damage

Ring 2

Oakensoul Ring



Weapon Damage

One-Handed Weapon

Tzogvin's Warband



Poisonsed Weapon

One-Handed Weapon

Tzogvin's Warband



Fiery Weapon


Slimecraw: You will need one piece of this Monster set for a Critical Chance increase.

Arms of Relequen: The perfected version of Arms of Relequen is the BiS DPS set in ESO. For a no-Trial gear setup, you can replace it with Aegis Caller.

Tzogvin's Warband: This great Stamina DPS set provides the Minor Force buff.

Oakensoul Ring: This new Mythic item provides several valuable buffs.


Skill Setup

Fetcher Infection is a power DoT skill, and you will get extra damage as long as you keep this skill up.

Cutting Dive is your spammable skill.

Subterranean Assault is your strongest skill that deals great AoE Poison damage. This skill can be replaced by Deep Fissure for solo content.

Deadly Cloak deals Physical damage to all enemies within 5 meters, and it also reduces damage.

Bird of Prey is slotted only for the passive boost to your damage, so you don't need to use it. You can replace it with Lotus Blossom for Heals when soloing.

Wild Guardian is your Ultimate skill. This skill constantly deals damage to enemies. It can also be used as an execute skill because it deals 100% more damage to enemies below 25% Health.


Passive Skills

•    All passives in Class Skill lines

•    All passives in the Weapon Skill Lines you are using

•    Passives in the Armor Skill Lines you are using

•    Passives in Guild Lines (Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Psijic Order) that affect your skills/build

•    Fighters Guild: Intimidating Presence, Slayer, Banish the Wicked, Skilled Tracker

•    Mages Guild: Mage Adept, Everlasting Magic, Magicka Controller, Might of the Guild

•    All Undaunted passives

•    All Racial Passives

•    Medicinal Use from the Alchemy skill line


Champion Points



Deadly Aim (Slot)

Master-at-Arms (Slot)

Backstabber (Slot)

Fighting Finesse (Slot)

Tireless Discipline


Battle Mastery


Quick Recovery


Elemental Aegis




Eldritch Insight



Rationer (Slot)

Liquid Efficiency (Slot)

Master Gatherer (Slot)

Plentiful Harvest (Slot)

Gilded Finger

Fortune's Favor


Steadfast Enchantment

Treasure Hunter (Slot, required for path)



Bloody Renewal (Slot)

Strategic Reserve (Slot)

Rejuvenation (Slot)

Boundless Vitality (Slot)



Tireless Guardian

Hero's Vigor

Mystic Tenacity





Use Deadly Cloak and attack with Fetcher Infection, Subterranean Assault, Cutting Dive × 6, and Subterranean Assault. Re-apply Deadly Cloak, Fetcher Infection, and continue. You will want to use your Ultimate skill whenever it is ready. Last but not least, make sure to do Light Attack weaving to increase your DPS. 


If you like ArzyeL Gaming's content, don't forget to Like and subscribe. The Oakensoul Ring is coming with the High Isle Expansion on June 6, 2022, for PC, Mac, and Stadia. Console players on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S will have access to the new Expansion on June 21. While waiting for the upcoming Update, MmoGah will keep providing helpful information about the game, so please bookmark our news page to learn more ESO tips and tricks.


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