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  • How to Level Provisioning Fast in ESO
    By Michel Z2023-01-05 00:00:00

    In The Elder Scrolls Online, Provisioning is a Crafting profession that allows you to create Food and Drinks. Consuming Food gives you long-term boosts to your attributes. Consuming Drinks will improve your Health, Stamina, or Magicka regen. In this guide, Trickton Gaming shows you how to level your Provisioning fast and where to find free ingredients for the leveling.



    Level Up Provisioning Fast

    The only way to increase your Provisioning level is by crafting Food or Drinks. The higher the level of the recipe, the more XP or Inspiration you will get when crafting. So you will want to craft the highest-level recipes that you can. As you begin leveling your Provisioning, you will be able to craft Improvement-1 and Quality-1 recipes. 


    To level Provisioning as fast as possible, you will want to find or buy level 15 recipes with Improvement 1, Quality 1, such as Port Hunding Cheese Fries or Pan-Fried Trout. You will also want to find or buy blue or superior recipes that are level 35 with Improvement 3, Quality 2, such as Silver Lotusberry Tea or Jasminkgo Tonic. These are great recipes to level your Provisioning quickly. 

    Pan Fried Trout Recipe and Silver Lotusberry Tea Recipe


    When you have those recipes, travel to the Provisioning Station, select the green, level-15 recipe, and craft 160 of the first recipe. That should get you to level 30 in no time.


    Spend Your Skill Points

    Once you hit level 30, put three Skill Points in Recipe Improvement and another point in Recipe Quality. Doing this allows you to craft superior or blue Improvement-3 recipes. 


    Recipe Improvement is where you spend Skill Points to increase the level of Food and Drinks that you can craft. There are six ranks in this skill.


    Recipe Quality determines the quality of Food or Drinks that you can create. This skill has four different ranks, and each point you invest in this skill allows you to make green, blue, purple, or gold-quality recipes.


    Once those skill points are slotted, craft 200 of the blue level-30 recipe to get your Provisioning to level 50.


    Where to Get Provisioning Recipes and Ingredients

    To make food or drinks, you will need recipes and ingredients. Chefs and Brewers sell recipes for large amounts of ESO gold. You can also buy recipes at the Guild Traders for lower prices. If you don’t want to spend money, you can search for recipes in trunks, wardrobes, desks, and nightstands. 


    To get ingredients for free, you will want to check containers, such as barrels, crates, and baskets. Monsters and wildlife also drop some ingredients. For example, foxes, deer, and rabbits drop Game or Small Game. Grocers also sell ingredients, but buying from other players costs much less. 


    If you are looking for a large number of ingredients to level up Provisioning fast, then Guild Stores are the best places, as veteran players with stacks of ingredients often sell their goods here. Furthermore, the cost will be less than it is at the Grocers.


    Some Great Places to Farm Provisioning Ingredients Quickly


    Ilessan Tower in Glenumbra

    Loot Provisioning Ingredients in Ilessan Tower

    Loot Provisioning Ingredients in Ilessan Tower

    If you are looking to get more Provisioning ingredients, there are two recommended places. The first place is Ilessan Tower in Glenumbra. Ilessan Tower is a small Delve located outside Daggerfall. Once you get into this Delve, you will notice an abundance of crates, barrels, and chests that carry different Provisioning ingredients. 


    Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor

    Loot Provisioning Ingredients in Velyn Harbor

    Loot Provisioning Ingredients in Velyn Harbor

    The second place is Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor. Velyn Harbor is a great place to run around and get all kinds of Crafting items. Once you load in, travel up to the northeast island, and you will find two big barns. In these barns, you will see tons of crates and barrels full of Provisioning items. Once you loot those crates and barrels, you can also level your Blacksmithing and Clothing skill lines here. 


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