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ESO Events 2022: Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration Guide

Michel Z November 09th, 2022 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration is a remembrance of The Elder Scrolls Online content of 2020. It encompasses the entire year's worth of content for the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline, including the Greymoor Chapter and DLC zones, as well as all four dungeons released as part of the year (Icereach, Unhallowed Grave, Castle Thorn, and Stone Garden).

In 2022, the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration will take place on November 17th and last until November 29th. In this guide, MmoGah, the best place to buy ESO gold for PS4 and PS5, shows you how to participate and what rewards you will get.


Start the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration


To participate in the event, players need to have access to the content below:


•    Greymoor Chapter

•    Markath DLC

•    Icereach Dungeon 

•    Unhallowed Grave Dungeon

•    Castle Thorn Dungeon

•    Stone Garden Dungeon


You can pick up the event quest: Bloody Reunion for free in the Crown Store or from a note at any Impresario tent. You can also receive the quest directly from Mel Adrys near Karthwatch in Western Skyrim.

Get the Bloody Reunion Quest in the Crown Store

Get the Bloody Reunion Quest in the Crown Store


Earn Double Rewards in the Event

During the event, you will obtain double loot for completing the following adventure:


•    Defeating World Bosses and Delve Bosses in Western Skyrim and The Reach

•    Killing Bosses in the Vateshran Hollows Arena

•    Killing Bosses in Kyne's Aegis Trial

•    Defeating Bosses in Icereach

•    Defeating Bosses in Unhallowed Grave

•    Killing Bosses in Castle Thorn

•    Defeating Bosses in Stone Garden 


Daily quests and resource nodes in Western Skyrim and The Reach will also yield extra rewards.


Get Reward Boxes

You will get a Glorious Box of Gray Host Pillage for the first daily quest you complete each day in Western Skyrim and The Reach. For the subsequent daily quests you complete, you will obtain a Box of Gray Host Pillage, which has a reduced chance of yielding special rewards. Those boxes can contain the following:


•    Crafting Ingredients

•    Zone Set Items

•    Saarthal Scholar Style

•    Treasure Maps

•    Furnishing Recipes

•    Saleable Treasures

•    Arkthzand Armory Style

•    Wayward Guardian Style

•    Nighthollow Style

•    Blackreach Vanguard Style

•    Greymoor Style

•    Icereach Coven Style

•    Pyre Watch Style

•    Thorn Legion Style

•    Hazardous Alchemy Style

•    Sovngarde Stalwart Style

Saarthal Scholar Style

Saarthal Scholar Style


Get Event Tickets in the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration 2022

During the Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration, you can earn two Event Tickets per day for each account. One ticket is obtained by completing your first daily repeatable quest in Western Skyrim, and the other is from the first daily quest you complete in The Reach.


The Impresario will appear with goodies, including the Soulfire Dragon Illusion Pet fragments, the first and second Sacred Hourglass of Alkosh fragments, and style pages for Saarthal Scholar.

Crimson Indrik Mount and the Pure-Snow Indrik Mount


The Indrik Vendor, Nenuluare, will also come to Belkarth during the event. She offers feathers for the Nascent Indrik, berries for the Crimson and the Pure-Snow Indrik mounts, as well as two baby Indrik Pets.


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