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ESO: Earn Your Free Holliday Gift Pet in December


In the spirit of the holiday season, you will receive an in-game pet as a gift from the Elder Scrolls Online when you use the Crown Store Gifting system to bring joy to others.


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Has your guildie or friend had their eye on a fancy pet or mount? Perhaps you want to help a new player get off to a fast start with some XP Scrolls? During the month of December, we’re rewarding everybody who loves to gift their fellow players Crown Store items with a brand-new pet!


This holiday season, when you gift 1000 Crowns or more worth of items to two or more different Elder Scrolls Online players, we’ll send you an adorable Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon pet, completely free!


Here’s everything you need to know:


• Gifting must occur between 2:00 AM EST on December 1, 2018 and 2:00AM EST on January 1, 2019

• You must send a gift to at least two different individual accounts

• The total value of all gifts must be at least 1000 Crowns or more on the same platform and region

   。Note: NOT 1000 Crowns per gift, but 1000 Crowns total. Two individual gifts that are valued at 500 Crowns each would count, as would three gifts each valued at 400 Crowns. However, if you sent a gift worth 500 Crowns on the PC NA server and another worth 500 Crowns on the Xbox One NA server, it would not count.

• You will receive your Snowcap Fledgling Gryphon pet after the promotion’s end by January 4, 2019.




To send your friend a gift, navigate to the item you wish to buy in the Crown Store and select the “Purchase as Gift" option, then enter their UserID, Gamertag, or PSN ID, depending on your platform. You can then personalize your gift with a custom-made or a pre-selected message. Note that homes cannot be gifted.


Gift consumables, collectibles, and more!


You can view all the currently available items, including pets, mounts, costumes, and more on the Crown Store page, and you can stock up on Crowns on the Buy Crowns page.


Don’t forget, this promotion kicks off on December 1, 2018 at 2:00AM EST and it will run until January 1, 2019 at 2:00AM EST. Happy gifting!


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