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Best Scribing Skills for Solo in ESO – Gold Road

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Scribing is a new system introduced with the Gold Road Chapter in 2024. This system is a revolution for building your character in The Elder Scrolls Online. Currently, the system includes 11 skills (also called Grimoires) that you can customize with various Scripts to fit your build and play style. The combinations you can make are countless and offer the freedom to create unique skills and builds.


There is something good for every role in ESO, from DPS to Tank and Healer, but also for every type of gameplay. In this guide, ArzyeL Gaming shows you the best Scribing skills you can use to play solo in the game.


Pro tip: Creating an ideal Scribing skill in ESO can be expensive, so having enough gold coins on hand will make this process easier and faster.



1. Warding Contingency

Damage Shield + Gladiator's Tenacity + Protection

Warding Contingency is a powerful support skill that offers a Shield, reduces damage taken, and grants Minor Protection. You can trigger this skill whenever you want. From Overland to harder Arenas, Warding Contingency is excellent for every type of solo content.


2. Heroic Torch

Generate Ultimate (or any damage type) + Gladiator’s Tenacity + Heroism (any Script)

Heroic Torch is a potent support ability that generates Ultimate and helps you cast your Ultimates more often. It also reduces damage taken, which makes it great for more challenging solo content.


3. Warding Soul

Damage shield + Sage's Remedy + Brutality and Sorcery (any Script)

Warding Soul provides a Shield, heals you, and offers a variety of buffs based on your needs.


4. Warding Burst

Damage Shield + Sage’s Remedy + Courage (any Script)

Warding Burst is similar to Warding Soul, offering a shield, a heal, and a buff of your choice.


5. Dazing Smash

Stun + Leeching Thirst + Breach or Berserk

Dazing Smash is a more offensive solo skill that crowd controls multiple enemies with its powerful fear. It also offers a self-heal and buff or defuff of your choice.


6. Shattering Knife

Multi-Target + Warmage's Defense + Vulnerability (any Script)

Shattering Knife is another offensive ability that attacks multiple targets, applies a powerful debuff but also grants you a damage shield.


Those are ArzyeL Gaming's best Scribing skills for solo in The Elder Scrolls Online. Do you like these combinations? Do you have your favorite skills and want to share them with other players? Please leave your comments below the video. Also, please don't forget to subscribe to ArzyeL Gaming's channel for more helpful content.


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