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How to Make Money from Luminous Inks in ESO

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Luminous Inks are rare materials consumed during the skill-scribing process to alter any of the scripts. Each time you add or change a script of any Grimoire, it will require one Luminous Ink. For instance, if you modify the Focus Script of the Vault Grimoire, it will cost one Luminous Ink. Changing all three scripts would cost three inks. 

Luminous Inks are regarded as the "crafting currency" for Scribing, and players who use the Scribing system will always need these materials. Since Luminous Inks are rare, those who don't enjoy grinding will opt to buy them with gold. Therefore, if you aim to earn money, you can collect and sell Luminous Inks through Guild Traders. In this guide, Arttea is talking about how to make money from these new items. 


How to Unlock Luminous Inks

To unlock the ability for Luminous Inks to drop from enemies, you must complete the entirety of "The Wing of the Indrik" quest and obtain the corresponding "Sigil of The Luminous Indrik" account upgrade. You will need to have a chat with Votary Nahlia in the Scholarium to get started on this quest.


To unlock the ability for Lumimus Inks to drop from resource nodes, you'll have to complete "The Wing of The Netch" questline and receive the "Sigil of the Luminary Netch" account upgrade. Read the "Nable of the Fetch" book in front of its respective Wing to get started on that questline.

 XP-grinding spots in The Rift and CraglornXP-grinding spots in The Rift and Craglorn

Three Luminous Inks are awarded after you complete the Indrik, Gryphon, Dragon, and Netch Luminary Wing questlines (12 total).


What Is a Farming Route?

A farming route is a term used by players to describe a path they follow to collect a lot of crafting materials. These paths are often rich with resource nodes.


The Best Material Farming Routes

1. Good routes are typically found in starter zones, with Graglorn being an exception.

2. These routes enable you to harvest a material every couple of seconds. 3. They are easy to traverse.

4. Good routes don't have many tough enemies nearby.


The Best Ways to Farm Luminous Inks

If you want to farm Luminous Inks to use or to sell them for gold, make sure you've completed both "The Wing of the Netch" and "The Wing of the Indrik" first, and then either farm mobs that drop loot when they're killed or farm material nodes in the Overland. Any popular XP-grinding location that has many mobs, such as the zombie grind route in The Rift or Craglorn Spellscar, will be an ideal Luminous Ink farming spot. Likewise, any location that has many resource nodes close to one another and a zone that has many players in it will also be ideal for farming Luminous Inks. However, if you only want to collect Luminous Inks for money, then it is recommended to use the material nodes farming method, as the materials dropped from resource nodes are significantly more valuable than those dropped from mobs.


Seize the Opportunity to Make a Fortune

Like all shiny new things that get added to The Elder Scrolls Online, the Luminous Inks will be in pretty high demand as Gold Road is still new, and players are eager to play the new Scribing System without having to grind. So, it is recommended to take advantage of this hype if you can.


The prices for Luminous Ink mellow out over time as their supply on the market increases due to players acquiring them passively from killing enemies or harvesting resources, and the rate at which their value drops will be influenced by how rare they are. If you miss the hype train, no worries. At least you've been made aware of this new material so that you can take the necessary steps to unlock the ability for it to drop for you.


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