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Elysium Three Realms Development Updates

Shirley Huang July 20th, 2017 Elysium    Elysium Gold    Elysium Power Leveling   

We have introduced the important updates are coming to Elysium last week, here we continue introducing three realms development updates that from Elysium project.


Elysium PVP (Patch 1.6)

Elysium Blackwing Lair (Patch 1.6) has been released on July 19th along with a fix to the herb respawn rates.

In the dark recesses of the mountain's peak, Deathwing’s eldest son Nefarian, guiding some most awful experimentation, controlling mighty beings puppets and combining the eggs of different dragon flights with horrific results. In order to prove success, Nefarian even pursuits of rest on the horizon.

The Lord of Blackrock is not a mere scientist, but a great dragon cornered in his lair.

New updates in Elysium Patch 1.6

1. "Blackwing Lair" Raid opened

2. Tier 2 Sets

3. "Bindings of the Windseeker" are now available on Garr and Geddon

4. New recipes available from Argent Dawn, Timbermaw, Thorium Brotherhood reputation vendors and Lokhtos Darkbargainer in Blackrock Depths.

5. Grand Marshal and High Warlord PVP Honor rewards have been updated with improved statistics.

6. Warsong Gulch has new item rewards at the appropriate faction vendor near the entrance in the zone. These are available for starting at Honored faction.


Darrowshire Realm

Elemental Invasions can work correctly on this realm


Anathema Realm

Received a number of 1.10 itemisation fixes on this realm

Raids & Dungeons

-Stratholme: Plague Ghouls have their walking speed corrected.

They should no longer appear to be alive even after dying during Baroness Anastari's mind control.

BRD: The Commander Gor'shak event will now correctly give credit to all group members on completion or failure.

UBRS: Players clicking the altar during the Pyroguard Emberseer event will now use the correct animation.

MC: Lucifron should no longer use his abilities too quickly when re-engaging after a wipe.

AV: Ivus and Lokholar have received loot corrections and will now drop Frost Runed Headdress and Cold Forged Blade.

RFD: Minor improvements to the escort event.

ZF: Zombies will no longer continually respawn.

AQ40: Twin Emp's 'Blizzard' will now target a random player rather than the player at the bottom of the threat list.

AQ40: Anubisath Warriors are no longer immune to crowd control.

- Fixed an issue with the Viscidus glob speed that was introduced with patch 1.10.

- Anubisath Defenders have had their respawn timers corrected.

- Anubisath Warders will now randomize their abilities correctly.

AQ20: Destroying Buru's eggs should now deal damage to players in close proximity and spawn a hatchling.

- The Rajaxx encounter has had all known issues fixed.

- Fixed several issues with Ossirian's crystals not behaving as they should.

Uldaman: Fixed an issue where the doors could become permanently closed after a server crash.

Uldaman: Stone Stewards have had their patrol waypoints fixed.


Classes & Abilities

A number of auras that gave the player additional skill points (e.g. Cultivation) should no longer require the player to relogin again to work correctly.

Resists will no longer consume Shadow Vulnerability.

Players assisting with Ritual of Doom and Ritual of Summoning now animate correctly. Additionally, both spells require all assisting players to be channeling at the same time for the spell to succeed.

When herb gathering, lock picking or mining fail, they will now do so at the end of the cast, rather than the beginning.

Shield Bash will no longer trigger weapon process.

Bloodthirst, Sunder Armor and Execute are now able to trigger chance on hit process.

Regrowth and Ferocious Bite coefficients have been updated.

Fixed a bug that caused skinning loot loss when standing too far away from the mob.

Fixed a bug that could cause Shadowform to become stuck if the player attempted to use the ability before the global cool down from the previous use had not elapsed.

Starshards is now consistent with patch 1.12.

Fixed an issue causing ticks of channeled and area aura spells to be lost.

Mind Control will now break when the caster begins casting another spell; it will generate threat for the caster, both on possession and loss of possession; it will no longer trigger any form of AI.

Hunter's Mark now only displays the target on the mini map of the hunter.

Improved Charge path.



Gnomish Cloaking Device's cloaking effect should no longer be removed by spells that trigger other spells (e.g. mounting).

The Prairie Dog Whistle pet should now follow the player rather than being rooted to the spot.

Badge of the Swarmguard has received a process rate buff (15 PPM).

The Cannonball Runner pet should now behave as intended.

Net-o-Matic no longer consumes arrows.

Expose Weakness (hunter tier 2 set bonus) no longer consumes arrows.

Warlock and hunter tier set bonuses will no longer cause repeated "you are dead" messages when dead.

Manaweave Robe and Beheading Blade have received item level corrections.

Plans: Dawnbringer Shoulders should now function as intended.

Pet Bombling is now a non-combat pet.

Timbermaw Defender and Arcanite Dragonling have had their scripting improved.



Fixed an issue where quests were displaying as incomplete after moving quest items from bank to inventory through dragging rather than right-clicking.

'Plagued Lands' has had its scripting improved.

Fixed a bug that caused some quest starting items to be deleted after abandoning the quest.

Fixed an issue where yeti spawns would stack up for players attempting 'Rescue OOX-22/FE!'

Fixed an issue where owlbeast spawns would stack up for players attempting 'Rescue OOX-09/HL!'

Fixed a large number of various quest issues. 


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