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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Nostalrius Gold

By Shirley Huang2015-12-23

This review was written by a gamer who bought nostalrius gold several times from MmoGah, and the review was edited by MmoGah. Let me share with you, and I hope that you can choose the best place to buy nostalrius gold!


As a gamer, buying nostalrius gold is a part of mainstream in playing nostalrius begins. When you want to buy nostalrius gold (nostalrius gold kaufen), you may hang around some websites to check: Which site has good reputation and reviews? Which site is safe, fast and cheap? Multiple comparison is essential. I always compare with several same kind of websites from the reputation, reviews, delivery time and price, which is my personal experience in buying nostalrius gold. I found that good reputation and reviews are more important than low price. Here I would like to share my unpleasant experience with you.

I placed an order for Nostalrius Begins PVP Alliance 100 gold at a gaming website two months ago. Before buying gold, the website rep told me that it needs take 10 minutes to deliver, but I did not receive any gold in 30 minutes, so I tried to contact their customer service, I only received an auto message: “Hello, we are offline now. You can leave your message that we will contact you tomorrow.” At that time, I was very angry, but there were no other ways. The second day I still have not received any gold from them. Then I requested to refund me, but their reply was that they can’t refund me. I contacted them several times later, but the result was the same. After that I was rather in doubt about buying nostalrius gold.

Along with my level higher and higher, I was in need of nostalrius gold to strong my weapon. Last month, my friend recommended another website – MmoGah to me. He had bought nostalrius gold from MmoGah for a long time, and told me their delivery was fast and service was nice. I didn’t believe him at first, but after searching some information on MmoGah, I found the strong evidence of their good reputation, reviews and cheap price as follows:


1. Good reputation on Trustpilot and EPIC!

I found their thread - Nostalrius gold hot sale on Epicnpc. Lots of reviews there about good service on MmoGah showed that this site is very good to some extent. Here I show three gamers’ reviews in the screenshot.

nostalrius gold hot sale on epic


2. Announcements guides.

After that I checked Mmogah at the homepage, there are some mmogah game news, such as Nostalrius power leveling hot sale and Nostalrius gold sales promotion. The author analyzes from many aspects, which made sure gamers clear on buying cheap nostalrius gold and nostalrius power leveling. This meticulous work attitude made me believe MmoGah deeply!


3. The cheapest price at MmoGah.

Of course, price is important for gamers to buy nostalrius gold. I compared the price with other four gaming websites, and found that the price at Mmogah is the cheapest. Moreover, my friend told me if I become a member of MmoGah, I will get some discount, and now with 5% off Christmas coupon code, I can use them together for one order. In recent days, I found this article - How to buy cheap nostalrius gold and power is worthy of reading. Let me share with you.

After that, I decided to place an order for 100G. Signed up be a member, and then got 1% member discount plus 5% code discount, so I got 6% discount for this order. After paying for 100G, I received gold within 10 minutes. It was so fast that I couldn’t believe it. Wonderful!


I felt puzzled and consulted mmogah rep that why their delivery was so fast? How to trade with secure delivery method? They quickly replied me. Here I would like to share some useful information with you!


- Large nostalrius gold stock guarantee fast delivery.

They have large nostalrius gold stock on their accounts that was farmed by their professional staff. The fact was that I received gold within 10 minutes, their conduct is consistent with what they say. They can provide 100% handwork nostalrius power leveling service, so I don’t need to worry about my account’s safety.


- Refund Guarantee: They have refund guarantee, if I buy nostalrius gold and wouldn't like to wait anymore, I will get the refund.


- They have three secure delivery methods, you can choose any one you like.

No.1   Through Auction House: This way is recommended by them. I bought nostalrius gold through AH, which was fast, and my account still safe.

At first, you put up unusual item got from quests in AH first, then their professional trading players will buy your item with nostalrius gold. You need set total gold amount in AH as the same as the gold number on your order.  

If you choose the following two methods, you need contact their Live Chat.

No.2   Through C.O.D. in game: You send them unusual item(s) got from quests or dungeons according to your order amount (each item no more than 200G) and set the cash on delivery amount, which is considering your gold safety. From here, you can see their service is considerate of the gamers.

No.3   Skip the gold, get the item(s) you want: They buy item(s) off the AH then trade the item(s) instead of nostalrius gold. This method is very slow and unpredictable with prices, but it skips the gold and saves a lot trouble, so I want to try it next time.


From the above information, you can see MmoGah is a trustable site. I recommended it to my friends, and then my friends placed some orders at MmoGah that executed the orders smoothly, which did not let them down. If you need nostalrius gold, why not give mmogah a try? I believe they won't let you down too. 



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