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Elysium Nighthaven PvP - Patch 1.6 Assault on Blackwing Lair Will Come on March 10

By Shirley Huang2018-03-05

Nighthaven PvP Patch 1.6 - Assault on Blackwing Lair will come on March 10.

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Blackwing Lair is the seat of power for Nefarian, son of Deathwing and brother of Onyxia. Following in his father’s footsteps, he has created a laboratory filled with mad goblins, elite orcs, various dragonkin and the chromatic dragonflight’s members, with whom he plans to defeat Ragnaros and the Dark Iron dwarves before moving on to the rest of Azeroth.

Many valiant souls will enter the lair. Some will emerge victorious, the others will remain only in memories told in stories for generations to come.


Blackwing Lair eleases

Nefarian's sanctum, Blackwing Lair can be found at the height of Blackrock Spire. In the dark recesses of the mountain's peak, Nefarian has begun to unfold his plan’s final stages to destroy Ragnaros, and lead his army to undisputed supremacy over all the races of Azeroth. 

Blackwing Lair is a max-level, 40-player raid dungeon, with many new encounters and tempting rewards awaiting the intrepid adventurer that dares enter its halls. Adventurers will be immersed in the unforgettable raiding experiences once again as it was during the Vanilla era of World of Warcraft. You will experience a meeting with Vaelastrasz the Corrupt again, subordinate your will to Razorgore the Untamed and calm your hunters before Chromaggus, this is Nefarian’s two-headed creation. After all, no creature looked better than Chromaggus running next to them on the battlefield.


Darkmoon Faire

From around the world and beyond the exotic’s gathering, Silas Darkmoon has brought together the Darkmoon Faire as a celebration of the wondrous and mysterious found in Azeroth. Although the Faire spends most of their time in unknown parts, they do stop from time to time in Mulgore and Elwynn Forest. Barkers will stop by Orgrimmar and Ironforge to announce its arrival when the faire is on its way.


There is a new way to enter the battleground queues: battlemasters. Right-clicking on a battlemaster in each city, it will allow your character to enter a battleground queue just like you normally touch the battleground's entrance portal. The functionality is exactly the same, so when your character enters the chosen battleground, you will be teleported directly in. Local guards will tell you directions to find the battlemaster.


New Quests

Many quests have been added to the game.


New Items

1. Warsong Gulch has new item rewards at the appropriate faction vendor near the entrances to the zone. These are available starting at Honored faction.

2. Both the Warsong Outrider Supply Officer and the Silverwing Sentinel Supply Officer of Warsong Gulch can offer distinct tabards for purchase.

3. Grand Marshal and High Warlord PvP Honor rewards have been updated with improved statistics and new unique art.

4. The Alliance Mail and Horde Leather and Mail Epic PvP Honor reward armor sets have received art updates.

5. Thorium Brotherhood offers several new recipes. Additionally, several of the old recipes now have different faction requirements.

6. Additional Smithing/Leatherworking/Tailoring/Enchanting Recipes added to Timbermaw at Honored Reputation

7. Additional Smithing/Leatherworking/Tailoring/Enchanting Recipes added to Argent Dawn at Honored and Revered Reputation. Also new First Aid recipe added to Argent Dawn at Honored.

8. Now Lokhtos Darkbargainer in Blackrock Depths has many additional recipes that can be learned at Honored, Revered and Exalted reputation. Recipes are available for Enchanting, Tailoring, Leatherworking (all three specialty types), Blacksmithing (Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing (all three specialty types).

9. Darkmoon Cards have been seen dropping from high level Humanoids around the world. Collect a set of them and bring them to the Darkmoon Faire when it is in town!


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