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  • How to Unlock All Endings in Elden Ring
    By Bosbone2022-09-23 00:00:00

    We can all agree that a strong ending is crucial for every video game because it can make or break the entire experience. Some developers chose to make one ending, and some chose the option to offer multiple Endings to the player.


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    Multiple endings are an essential part of almost every FromSoftware game, and Elden Ring is no exception. In Elden Ring, there are six possible Endings, although they vary depending on the questlines you complete and the decision you make in the final phases of the game.


    Four of those endings are very similar in some ways. They are just different versions with slightly different perspectives and outcomes. The other two endings are rare and special, so you'll need to put in some extra effort to get them. In this article, we will show you all endings in Elden Ring, what they represent, and how to unlock them.


    The Age of Duskborn

    In the Age of Duskborn Ending, the Lands Between undergoes a significant transformation, as it will be covered in a terrifying fog. Additionally, the cycle of life and death resumes, and the inhabitants can no longer become immortal.


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    The fundamental premise here seems to be that things are now permitted to "die" again, which means that the resurrection effect you've been enjoying throughout the game is no longer available.


    Although the long-term effects of your choices are still unknown, this does seem like another "good ending" in Elden Ring.


    How to Unlock This Ending

    You must complete the Fia's quest in order to obtain the Mending Rune of the Death-Prince. This item is necessary for the Age of Duskborn ending.

    So, after the final boss, you just have to touch Fractured Marika and choose the following option, "Use Mending Rune of the Death-Prince, and the cutscene will start. Those are the only two steps you need to do to unlock this ending. It is worth mentioning that the Fia quest can also be completed even if you start it later and skip some of the earlier phases.


    Blessing of Despair

    In this ending, like in many others, you become the Elden Lord, but with a twist. The key difference here is that you've chosen to "team up" with the Dung Eater, who will assist you in cursing the Lands Between and everyone who decided to live there. That's right. You've only made things worse for a world that was already manifestly in chaos.


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    It's difficult to argue that this is a "good" ending in any sense of the word unless you believe that the Lands Between can't be spared and is full of people and things that deserve to suffer.


    How to Unlock This Ending

    Most endings require certain quests to be completed, and most of them can be really challenging. One great idea that can help you is if you have enough Elden Ring runes, which you can buy at any time in our store, so you can upgrade your character and make him much stronger.


    To unlock this ending, you'll have to complete another interesting task, Dung Eater's quest line. Here you can find a guide for Dung Eater's quest, as well as other remarkable side quests in Elden Ring.


    The key item for this ending is the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse. With that item, you will be able to get this ending. Just make sure not to inherit the Frenzied Flame.


    The Age of Fracture

    The Age of Fracture is Elden Ring's default, standard ending, where you become the Elden Lord by mending the Elden Ring. We could agree that this is another "good ending." in Elden Ring. It's an Ending where you complete your duty exactly as it was given to you at the start of the game.


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    The Age of Fracture Ending doesn't invalidate other Endings, which means that they can all still happen. In other words, it doesn't change hardly anything. In my opinion, this ending has the best likelihood of being used for a sequel.


    How to Unlock This Ending

    The Age of Fracture ending is the simplest to obtain because all you have to do is reach the final part of the game. You don't need to complete any quests or collect any extra key items. Basically, everything you need to do is just follow the main story, and you will have this ending unlocked. So after you defeat the Elden Beast, you will be sent back to an arena with Marika's fractured corpse. You only need to engage with Marika from this point on and choose the "Mend the Elden Ring" option. The cutscene that leads to the Age of Fracture Ending will start, showing the new Elden Lord, the Tarnished.


    Lord of Frenzied Flame

    The most special of all possible endings is probably becoming the Lord of Frenzied Flame and deciding to use the power of the Three Fingers. Visually, this is definitely the best ending.


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    Most endings involve the player adopting the role of Elden Lord and largely maintaining the status quo. On the other hand, choosing to become the Lord of Frenzied Flame drastically alters the Lands Between and destroys everything in the hope that something greater will someday emerge from the ashes. It's a typical FromSoftware ending and arguably the most difficult to unlock.


    How to Unlock This Ending

    To unlock this ending, you must find the Three Fingers at the bottom of Subterranean Shunning Grounds in Leyndell, inherit the Frenzied Flame and defeat the final boss. Be aware that inheriting the Frenzied Flame will prevent you from reaching other endings.


    There is a way out of the Lord of Frenzied Flame path, but it will not be a walk in the park. You'll have to obtain Miquella's Needle for this. First, you must complete Millicent's quest line, and then you'll have to kill the strongest boss in Elden Ring, Malenia. Here you can find a complete guide on how to beat Malenia, as well as other tough bosses.


    After getting Miquella's Needle, you must use it at Dragonlord Placidusax's arena to reverse the Three Fingers' flame of frenzy. The only good thing here is that you don't need to fight Dragonlord Placidusax.


    Age of the Stars

    The Age of the Stars ending is the favorite among most fans. In this ending, you also become an Elden Lord, although not along with Marika. Here, Ranni the Witch names you as her Elden Lord in place of Marika.


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    Additionally, she puts an end to the Golden Order and the "Greater Will's" influence in the Lands Between. She then sets out with you on a journey of a thousand years, leaving the Lands Between without a lord for the first time.


    How to Unlock This Ending

    To unlock this ending, you must complete the most entertaining and challenging quest line in Elden Ring, Ranni the Witch. Here you can find a guide on how to complete the Ranni quest line. So after defeating the Elden Beast, you will be brought back to Radagon's arena.


    There you will see the fractured corpse of Marika, but don't interact with her. Instead, look around for a blue summon sign, as this will give you the option to spawn Rani. It is important to know that you are not allowed to inherit the Frenzied Flame, as this will prevent you from reaching this ending.


    Age of Order

    The Age of Order is probably an ending you won't get on your first playthrough. Some players claimed that it is rather missable because you must pay attention to two specific quests, which I will mention later.


    Elden Ring ending-7


    In this ending, you restore the Erdtree by applying the Mending Rune of Perfect Order on Fractured Marika. In other words, the Erdtree will be exactly, as it was prior to the turmoil that erupted in the Lands Between. The gods you killed on your adventure won't reappear, and you'll become the Elden Lord in charge of the Lands Between.


    Although some players found this ending quite monotonous, it is still regarded as a "good ending".


    How to Unlock This Ending

    So, as I mentioned above, you'll have to pay attention to two quests, Brother Corhyn's and Goldmask's quest line. Here you can find both the Brother Corhyn and Goldmask quest guide.


    After completing these quests, you will get the Mending Rune of Perfect Order, and this item grants you access to this ending. And one last thing, just make sure not to inherit the Frenzied Flame. In that case, you will not be able to get this ending.


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