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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC – Best Top 3 New Builds

By Nancy G
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Today, I will share the top 3 best new and fun builds for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. These builds get overpowered early in DLC with the best weapons. And all of them can be created easily.


1. Dark Paladin

Top 3 DLC Builds pic 3

Black Steel GreatHammer

The first build is Dark Paladin. This build will prove why dodging is for scrubs. This is a holy Strength Faith Build wielding the Black Steel great hammer. Though this is not your average Joe Hammer, it has been blessed with holy Powers, which grant it a unique effect with guard counters. When performing a guard counter, it'll cause a gold breaker explosion. This will double-stagger the enemy, dropping them to their knees. This explosion deals holy damage, so this build will optimize holy damage and give you a giant to knock your socks off guard counters.

Deflecting Hardtear

Fortunately for us, we can use a new cracked tear - the Deflecting Hardtear. This enhances the power of guard counters even more. When this Deflect tear is active, it will buff your guard counters if you perform a deflect like a perfect Parry. You must time your block correctly right at the very last moment, and if you're successful, it'll boost your following attack. Nice and easy. Because this build optimizes holy damage and a high Faith level, you can also cast incantations for arranged attacks. You can use whatever you want, but type spells are optimal.

Ash of War

We have the black Hammer and black steel Shield going with sacred Affinity. Now, I am using Sacred Blade Ash of War. This gives us a quick little ranged attack plus enhances your Hammer with even more holy juicy power for extra damage. However, you can go with the prayerful strike. This can deal solid burst damage, plus it heals you. This weapon skill passively heals you every time you strike an enemy. Then you combine this with the Assassin's Crimson Dagger, which also restores HP per every Critical Strike, and trust me. You'll be performing tons of critical strikes.

So these two forms of Health Restoration combined with the heavy Shield make this build nearly unkillable when traveling around. You have a strong defense and keep healing yourself, so you play it smart and are good. Of course, we're using the Curved Sword Talisman for guard counters, and then we got the Two-Headed Turtle and the Great-Jar's Arsenal to carry this heavy equipment. In my juice box, we have the deflect and holy crack tears.


● Endurance 30

● Strength 50-60

● Faith 50-60

For stats, we focusing on Strength and Faith. We want to hit the soft caps for both of them. We also need a high Endurance because stamina is key here. As long as we have stamina, then we are a steel wall.


2. Pyro Mage

The second build is Pyro Mage. I call this build the burning moon. This is a balanced build offering multiple damage types and different ways to engage in combat.

Game Icon

Rellana's Twin Blade

We have the Rellana's Twin Blade, which offers you one of the most satisfying power stance move sets, quick successive strikes, and a great sword power stance. Even its one-handed heavy strikes are fast. Therefore, you can wield a shield and perform super-fast heavy strikes out of a block.

Rellana's Twin Blade has a decent medium Shield. I got the turtle shield for a stamina boost. Plus, a new DLC item, Staff of the Great Beyond, allows us to cast incantations and sorceries. Get the Curved Sword Talisman to buff guard counters, Shard of Alexander, and the new Talisman Rellana's Cameo to buff the weapon art. Rellana's Cameo will boost the damage by 15% after you've been holding the stance for 2 seconds. Finally, Millicent's Prosthesis boosts successive strikes on a power stance move set.


● Mind 25

● Strength 35

● Dexterity 30

● Intelligence 35

● Faith 30


3. Blood Thirsty Fiend

Top 3 DLC Builds pic 2

Bloodfiend's Arm

The primary weapon is this lovely, delicious-looking colossal weapon - the Bloodfiend's Arm. But upon closer inspection, you realize it has a unique heavy attack. The fully charged heavy will Splash your blood in a small AoE. Not only is this extremely effective at spreading diseases, but it is also very unhygienic. It is also very powerful, especially on a high Arcane build.

Axe Talisman

I am dealing with massive burst damage after buffing my charged Heavies with an axe Talisman. We have another Bloodfiend's weapon - the Sacred Spear. The Bloodfiend turkey leg is fantastic for slapping individual enemies, while this sacred spear is more versatile and has better attack distance with its weapon art. We are indeed using the blood Affinity on the bloody Turkey Leg.

Ash of War

Now, you could go with Cragblade, further increasing your giant bunking Powers. We got the axe Talisman Lord of Blood, and this new two-handed sword Talisman, all to buff our heavy attacks to maximum damage.


● Endurance 25-30

● Strength 40-50

● Faith 15-25

● Arcane 55-60



Here is the ending of these powerful builds. All of the above content and images are sourced from SoulKings' YouTube. You can view his full video to see the details. You can also visit to read more news or get Runes about DLC.

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