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  • Elden Ring Guide: Best Dueling Weapons and How to Get Them
    By Shirley Huang2023-07-21 00:00:00

    Elden Ring is a popular action role-playing game. One defining aspect of the game is its intense dueling mechanics, where players engage in one-on-one combat with formidable foes. There are a variety of weapons for players to choose from. Depending on your playstyle and preference, you may want to use different weapons for dueling with other players or enemies.


    This article explores some of the best dueling weapons in Elden Ring that players can wield to claim victory in these challenging encounters.


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    Bloody Helice

    A halberd that deals physical and blood damage. It has a weapon skill that lets the player spin the halberd around, creating a whirlwind of blood.


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    To get the Bloody Helice, a heavy thrusting sword that causes blood loss buildup, you need to go to the Writheblood Ruins in the Altus Plateau region.


    There, you need to defeat an optional boss called  sanguine noble 6 elden ring wiki guide Sanguine Noble, use ranged attacks, and make sure to summon a spirit to help out. You can also use some Elden Ring items or spells that prevent or reduce blood loss, such as Blood Grease or Blood Ward.


    Once you beat the boss, you'll get some Elden Ring runes (at least 8,800 runes) as a reward, and then loot the Bloody Helice sword from a chest in the dungeon.



    A spear that has a long reach and high thrust damage. It has a weapon skill that lets the player charge forward with the spear, impaling enemies.


    To get the Pike, a long spear with the longest reach of any melee weapon, you need to loot it from a corpse in the heavily guarded courtyard of Stormveil Castle in Limgrave.



    A colossal sword that deals high damage and has a wide swing arc. It has a weapon skill that lets the player perform a powerful overhead slam.


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    To get the Zweihander, a colossal sword that requires 19 Strength and 11 Dexterity to wield, you need to purchase it from the Isolated Merchant for 3,500 Runes.


    The Isolated Merchant is located at the Isolated Merchant Shack in the western Weeping Peninsula, which can be reached by crossing the bridge from the south of Limgrave.


    Blasphemous Blade

    A colossal sword that deals dark damage and scales well with faith. It has a weapon skill that creates a dark vortex around the player, damaging and staggering enemies.


    To get the Blasphemous Blade, a greatsword that does fire damage and has a weapon skill that steals HP from enemies, you need to trade Remembrance of the Blasphemous with Enia at Roundtable Hold.


    You can get the Remembrance by defeating the Demigod boss Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, at the Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir, either by completing Tanith's contracts or by finding a secret passage in the Drawing Room.



    A dagger has the highest base physical damage and critical damage. It scales well with dexterity and has a quick step skill that enables backstabbing.


    You need to loot it from a corpse in Stormveil Castle, the Legacy Dungeon of Limgrave. To access the corpse, you need to use the Stonesword Key on an imp statue to dispel the white fog that blocks the door to the armory, which is past the Grafted Scion.


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    A dagger has an innate bleed and a fast attack speed. It also has a weapon skill that fires a short-range blood projectile that stacks more bleed buildup. It can be power-stance with another Reduvia to increase its attack speed and proc blood loss faster.


    To get the Reduvia, a dagger that causes blood loss buildup and has a skill that fires blood blades, you need to defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus, an NPC invader near Murkwater Cave in Limgrave.


    Bloodhound's Fang

    A curved greatsword has an innate bleed buildup and a long reach. It can be buffed with spells or consumables to increase its damage. Its weapon skill allows a fade-away strike and a dashing follow-up strike.


    To get the Bloodhound's Fang, a curved greatsword that does blood damage and has a skill that performs brutal airborne attacks, you need to defeat Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, an optional boss in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave.


    Death Poker

    A greatsword that causes frost buildup and scales well with intelligence and dexterity. It has a unique skill that creates a ball of ghost flame that can explode or leave a trail of fire.


    To get the Death Poker, a greatsword that does piercing damage and causes frostbite, you need to defeat Death Rite Bird, an optional boss in Caelid Highway in Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank.


    These are some of the best dueling weapons in Elden Ring, but there are many more to discover and experiment with. I hope this article helps you find your favorite weapon for dueling in Elden Ring!




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