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Elden Ring DLC Perfume Bottle Build: Firespark Perfume Bottle Details Guide

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In Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree, there are some new perfume bottles that can significantly influence gameplay. These new perfume bottles require runes Elden Ring for upgrades and enhancements, so you can farm runes or buy them from a third party. Here, we will guide you to the best perfume bottle, location, ideal stats and class, and suggestions for the best accompanying Armor and Talismans.

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DLC New Perfume Bottles

firespark perfume bottle perfume bottles elden ring shadow of the erdtree dlc wiki guide 200pxFirespark Perfume Bottle (Fire damage)

chilling perfume bottle perfume bottles elden ring shadow of the erdtree dlc wiki guide 200pxChilling Perfume Bottle (Frost damage, builds Frostbite)

lightning perfume bottle perfume bottles elden ring shadow of the erdtree dlc wiki guide 200pxLightning Perfume Bottle (lightning damage)

frenzyflame perfume bottle perfume bottles elden ring shadow of the erdtree dlc wiki guide 200pxFrenzyflame Perfume Bottle (fire damage, builds madness meter)

deadly poison perfume bottle perfume bottles elden ring shadow of the erdtree dlc wiki guide 200pxDeadly Poison Perfume Bottle (physical damage, builds poison meter)


Best Perfume Bottle and Location

Firespark Perfume Bottle scales exclusively with Dexterity and is ideal for high Fire Damage and pure DEX builds. It is found in a chest guarded by Perfumers and Messmer Soldier.


Best Stats and Class

• Vigor and Dexterity are crucial for survivability and to maximize the damage output of the Firespark Perfume Bottle.

• The Pyromancer class is recommended for a build focused on utilizing the Firespark Perfume Bottle to its full potential.

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Key Strategies

• Firespark Perfume Bottle offers 100% fire damage and is easily boostable for high damage output. The charged heavy attack is particularly effective, creating an AOE damage effect.

• Early acquisition of the Fire Spark Perfume Bottle near Castle Ensis allows players to quickly access and start building the Pyromancer Perfumer build, showcasing the versatility and power of the weapon type.

• Defensive strategies like Quick Step and Rolling Sparks, along with dual-wielding the weapon, enhance combat capabilities and increase damage potential.

• Increase attribute allocation, including high Vigor, Dexterity, and Faith for buffs, which ensures optimal build performance. Light armor setup with Perfumer Talisman further enhances damage output.

• Utilizing specific Flask of Wonders Physique and Great Runes like Godric or Redon can further enhance the build's capabilities and survivability in challenging encounters.


Best Armor and Talismans

• Light armor and the Blue Dancer Charm are recommended for optimal performance with the Firespark Perfume Bottle build.

• Experiment with different Talisman options and adjusting attributes, considering buffs like Flame Grant Me Strength and Golden Vow for increased damage output.

• Dual-wielding weapons can increase damage output.

• Knowledge of unique Ashes of War like Rolling Sparks and strategic Talisman choices like Sacred Seal and Perfumer Talisman are crucial for maximizing the build's effectiveness.

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How to Get All the New Bottles

Perfume Bottles are typically found in secluded or guarded locations, often requiring the defeat of a powerful enemy or the completion of a puzzle. For the newest bottles:

• Regular exploration and engagement with NPC questlines are crucial.

• Merchants in newly added DLC areas often stock limited quantities of rare Perfume Bottles.

If you're struggling to acquire the new perfume bottles in Elden Ring DLC, you can buy fast items Elden Ring from a reliable site like MmoGah.


Remember, this build is particularly effective for players who enjoy a pyromancer playstyle focusing on fire damage. Adjust your Flask of Wonders and Great Runes to further enhance your build's capabilities. Happy gaming!

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