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Elden Ring Boss Order: Battles (All Major and Optional)

By Hasi2023-04-28

If you are going to complete the Elden Ring, you will be able to use this boss order. This will help you save time and effort in your quest for the Anor Londo bonfire. You should know that some bosses can be skipped if you have a complete set of items and weapons, but most will require at least a few different weapons and spells to defeat. Some may require only one weapon, while others may require many different types of weapons (and even magic spells). A new DLC is on the way to be released and it seems the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree DLC could be more ambitious than our expectations.


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Are you ready to take on the most formidable challenge in Elden Ring? Then you've come to the right place. This article will give you all the tips to conquer every boss battle and optional battle in Elden Ring and provide detailed strategies and tactics for each boss encounter, from the mighty Fire Demon and his armies to the mysterious and powerful Water Dragon. And if you're looking for a challenge, I'll reveal all optional bosses that await your challenge.


So, prepare yourself and grab your weapons. It's time to take on the toughest bosses in Elden Ring. Before starting, you should know that purchasing Elden Ring runes may help you level up your character fast and purchase in-game items and equipment.


Overview of Elden Ring Boss Fights

Elden Ring will bring you across the lands of its mysterious kingdom - and with that comes several boss battles. To ensure you can take on every challenge and face off against the game's toughest enemies, we've compiled an overview of all the major and optional bosses in Elden Ring. That way, you can ensure you don't miss a single fight in your journey.


Whether it's the main story battles or optional side-quests bosses, here's what you need to conquer Elden Ring:


Main Story Boss Fights

Ornstein & Smough: Twin Dragons who guard the entrance to Anor Londo


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Gwyn, Lord of Cinder: The Fallen leader and main antagonist of the game

Dragon's Tooth Warrior: Giant warrior god found in an ancient temple


Optional Boss Fights

Dragon Demon King: A mighty dragon found guarding an ancient temple

Red Knight: Elite knight found battling near the city gates

Wisp Demon King: An elusive demon found deep within a hidden cave


All Major Boss Battles: Order and Strategies

It would be best to successfully defeat all the significant bosses to conquer this immersive world. We've covered it if you want to know how they should be tackled.

First up is Zodd, who can be found at the Tower of Dusk. This is one of the earliest bosses you'll face and a great way to start your journey with a bang. Use your shield whenever possible, and be prepared for powerful melee attacks.


Next up is the Acolyte of Darkness at Bergus Eltine's Rest in Farron Woodlands. This boss requires tricky maneuvering as it has two phases with different attack patterns. Pay attention to its movements, use ranged attacks, and don't forget that it has an invincibility phase after taking damage—until it unleashes its power again from another direction.


Finally, there's Yhorm the Firelord at Lothric Castle Grand Archives. He's big and slow-moving but powerful—so don't underestimate him. Utilize mid-range weapons and dodge his heavy attacks as often as possible to avoid taking too much damage.


Recommended Gear for the Major Boss Battles

Are you ready to take on the major bosses in Elden Ring? Here's a look at the recommended gear for each of these bosses. You'll need to ensure you've prepared properly for each battle, as these significant boss battles will be some of the toughest fights in your entire playthrough.


Here's a list of recommended gear to make sure you're prepared for the central boss fights in Elden Ring:


A powerful weapon with high damage output and a fast attack speed.


Heavy armor provides high defense, such as plate armor or hauberk.


A shield with high magic resistance, ideally paired with one or two rings that increase resistance to magic damage.


A few healing items, like a Healing Flask, will help restore your health during battle.


Spells that can be cast on yourself or your allies, such as Blessings of Fire and Ice, will provide additional protection from enemy attacks.


By equipping yourself with these items before taking on a major boss battle, you'll be able to stay on top of things and prevail against the hardest enemies in Elden Ring.


How to Find the Best Gear/Weapon for Your Playstyle

When you're ready to face off against the bosses of Elden Ring, you'll want to ensure you have the best gear for your playstyle. That way, you'll know you have the best chance to succeed. But how do you find the best equipment? Here are some tips:


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1. Chests and Drops

As you explore each area of Elden Ring, keep an eye out for chests and drops. You never know what kind of loot or gear might be hidden away. Remember to grab any gold coins when you reach merchants and pick up better weapons or armor with them.


2. Upgrades and Enhancements

Make sure to pay attention to any upgrades or enhancements that your found items may permit. For instance, certain weapons can be enhanced by completing a certain side quest. It's also possible to upgrade existing weapons to make them stronger and more durable.


3. Resources and Crafting Materials

Look out for resources too. Elden Ring includes ore or plants, depending on what items or equipment you want to craft. Once you have enough materials, head over and see if any blacksmiths can help create the ultimate gear just for your playstyle—make sure it's within your budget.


Optional Boss Battle Strategies

Now that you know the main boss battles, what about the optional ones? These could be called secret bosses since they require extra effort to find and encounter. But don't worry, we've got all the strategies you need for success.


Let's start with The Sacred Changeling. This boss is found by heading off the beaten path in The Great Reservoir.


Here's what to do:

Defeat four Watchers in The Great Reservoir

Head through the gateway in The Stair of Judgment and interact with a humanoid figure in the large open area before you reach the pyramid.

A bridge will appear, and on it is The Sacred Changeling - prepare for battle.

Next is Husk of Morne, located within the Howling Church Ruins in The Gorge of Faiths.


Here are your instructions:

Enter the Howling Church via a door on its western side (the door will only be accessible after you have defeated Ruin Sentinels Abbey & Maynard)

Find and activate a red switch inside one of the church's walls - this will allow access to an intersection that ultimately leads to an elevator leading down into an underground chamber.

This underground chamber holds Husk of Morne - get ready for battle.


Finally, make your way over to Womb Raider, who lurks beneath Mistwrought City Core - it can only be accessed once The Knight's Tomb has been cleared out. To buy items for the Elder Ring game, visit the


Rewards for Battling the Optional Bosses

Do you know what's better than taking down an optional boss in Elden Ring? The rewards you get. Many of these battles yield special items and weapons, so taking them on is worth your while.


Dragon Fangs and Boreal Ores

First up are the dragon fangs and boreal ores. These materials can be found in various locations in the game. In some cases, when you defeat an optional boss, it will drop dragon fangs or boreal ores that can be exchanged for powerful equipment from merchants or blacksmiths.


Rare Weapons

Similar to dragon fangs and boreal ores, some optional bosses drop rare weapons—items that can easily outclass weaker weapons. These items usually have stats that exceed those of normal loot drops and are much sought after by players aiming for the best gear possible.


Weapon and Armor Enhancement Materials

Speaking of gear, defeating an optional boss can also give you weapon and armor enhancement materials that can turn a decent piece of equipment into something even more powerful. You'll often find these materials uncommon or rare, so take advantage of them when you can fight an optional boss.


Tip: Mini-Bosses and Side Quests You Shouldn't Miss

Navigating Elden Ring's massive and complex world can be exciting. That's why we have rounded up all the major and optional bosses you should face.


Before tackling the main bosses, consider taking on some optional mini-bosses. They offer great rewards, and their battles are as challenging and exciting as the main ones. So, don't forget to take a break from your main quest and explore new areas where you might find some mini-bosses waiting for you.


You can also take on some of the side quests in Elden Ring. These are great for exploring more of the game world, but most importantly, for farming precious materials that can help make your weapons more powerful. So not only will you get a great story from these side quests and rewards that will help keep you strong in tougher battles ahead.


Tips and Tricks for Conquering Elden Ring

Are you ready to tackle all the major and optional bosses of Elden Ring? Here are some tips to help smooth your boss's battles.


Preparation is Key

Getting yourself equipped with the right gear before setting out is extremely important. You'll want to ensure you have all the best weapons and armor available, so feel free to take your time collecting the right equipment. You'll also need healing items, such as health potions or soul essence, don't go too crazy with them since they're finite.


Know Your Weaknesses

Different bosses will require different strategies for you to beat them. Some may be weak to specific types of magic; others may be more vulnerable to strikes from your weapon, so you must take note of the boss's weaknesses to exploit them efficiently in battle.


Watch Your Surroundings

Many battles in Elden Ring involve environmental hazards that can quickly turn a seemingly easy fight into a nightmare. Pay attention to your environment, and try not to get cornered by any boss, it's always best to try to engage while keeping an eye on potential threats that may become a problem later on.


If you keep these tips in mind while playing Elden Ring, then pretty soon, you'll have conquered every major and optional boss battle with ease.



With the knowledge you've just gained, you are now well-equipped to bravely venture into the world of Elden Ring. Whether you choose to rush your way and show no mercy to the major bosses or to take it slow and explore every nook and cranny of the map, you'll find exciting and new surprises along the way. So, prepare for a wild ride, as this is your chance to conquer the Elden Ring.

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