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Why Is Diablo 4 Worth Playing

By Ansley2023-05-26

Diablo 4 is the next entry game in Blizzard’s iconic and highly influential action RPG series. While each Diablo game has had its own impact on the industry, like Diablo 2 popularizing the genre abroad and Diablo 3 having real money Marketplace, Diablo 4 moves toward modernization on these foundations.


Adopting mechanics found in MMORPGs, the world of Diablo 4 Sanctuary has changed in some surprising ways. While Blizzard has shown off some world event quests and world bosses, which feel oddly similar to Smilegate’s Lost Ark, the developer has gone a step further to change how some pivotal systems in the series have worked. And some of these improvements have perhaps made the biggest update in how players can approach their in-game builds. There are some of the most significant changes we’ve found in our hands-on experience with the Diablo 4 beta.


Gems for Classes and Playstyles

Players don’t need to add sockets to their Rare or Legendary items. Instead, with the right amount of gold and materials, the occultists can add sockets to your weapons, Armor, and accessories. Before, players would need to re-roll one of the stats on a Diablo 4 item to obtain another gem socket.


Each class has its style of using Gems:


Barbarian needs an Emerald in the Weapon slot, either a Sapphire or Ruby in the Armor slot or a Diamond in the Jewelry slot.


The Druid uses Gems depending on the build direction that players are taking. If players set shapeshifting builds, they need Topaz in the Weapon slot for the +Basic Skill Damage and Ruby Socketed in the Armor slot for the +Maximum Life.


Necromancer should take Emerald for the Weapon slot, collect Diamond in the Jewelry slot for the +Resistances, and set Ruby in the Armor slot to get the Maximum Life.


Rogue using Gems in Armor and Jewelry slots will follow a sense of general application. You can put Topaz in the Armor slot with reduced damage while crowd-controlled for high character levels and put Emerald in the Jewelry slot for stacking Poison Resistance.


The sorcerer is similar to Rogue. Diamonds can be used in Jewelry slots.


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Legendary Aspects

Legendary Aspects are unique modifiers that are categorized into Offensive, Defensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. These specific aspects will increase the damage or even the rank of a specific skill.


Offensive Aspects: can be imprinted on Gloves, Weapons (with a 100% effectiveness bonus), Rings, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).


Defensive Aspects: can be imprinted on Helms, Chest Armor, Pants, Shields, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).


Resource Aspects: can be imprinted on Helms, Rings, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).


Utility Aspects: can be imprinted on Helms, Chest Armor, Boots, Gloves, and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).


Mobility Aspects: can only be imprinted on Boots and Amulets (with a 50% effectiveness bonus).


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Further Enhanced Items

Although encircling and suppressing enemies can give more chances to obtain Legendary and Rare items, players can now improve items through the upgrade system.


It would help if you had a bit of Diablo 4 Gold, which can give you a slight stat boost to keep your weapons relevant as you progress through the game.


Diablo 4 has 5 item tiers: Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique.


Legendary items are extremely powerful weapons and gear that feature 5 Affixes, with the last one being a Legendary Affix. You can extract the Aspects from Legendary items and use them to either upgrade Rare items or modify Legendary gear. The most popular Legendary items include Amulet of Chilling Frost, Tunic of Perilous Tread, and Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind.


Dodge & Evade for all Classes

Characters have increased the chance to evade or dodge in their defensive stats.


You will have to press Circle/ B on the controller or the Spacebar on your keyboard to Evade. These will be the default settings when you start the game. But it still needs a five-second cooldown period once you use it.


Dodge is an entirely different mechanism. While enemies are attacking you and about to land a hit, a Dodge will appear above your character. This will allow you to dodge the attack.


Rich Game World Event Quests & Bosses

Diablo 4 continues the Diablo series’ style, making a wider world for event quests. It opens various adventure modes for players to challenge world bosses in different dungeons. There are more trigger mechanisms for some great hidden tasks.


Ashava is the first World Boss in the world of Sanctuary, and it is one of the monster families. If you joined the Beta before, you could know its signature ability. When you unlock all the monsters, you can become stronger by defeating these monsters one by one. There will be an intensive fight when you meet multiple monsters, but you will level up faster than before.


Above all, Diablo 4 will be an extended classic dark version. We have seen part of the updates from the Beta and Sever Slam. And we believe there are many unexpected updates in the official release on June 6, as it is the convergence and expansion of the Diablo series. Whether you have played Diablo 2 or Diablo 3, Diablo 4 is an unmissable game.


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