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How to Level Up from 1 to 70 Quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3

By Ansley2024-01-26


Diablo 4 features a dynamic and immersive world, diverse and customizable heroes, and thrilling combat and loot systems. The game is constantly updated with new content and features, and the latest updates are Patch 1.3.0 and Season 3. What do you need to do if you want to level up from 1 to 70 quickly?


Choose the Right Class and Build

If you play Diablo 4 Season 3, you can choose the Barbarian class because it is one of the best classes in the game right now. The Barbarian class has received significant buffs and reworks in Patch 1.3.0, making it a powerhouse in damage and survivability. The Barbarian class can also benefit from the new mechanic of the season, the Construct, which can grant various bonuses and effects depending on how the players interact with it.


•  Complete the class quest at level 15, which will unlock the second skill tree and a legendary aspect.


Skip the Campaign and Focus on the Seasonal Questline

Skip the campaign and focus on the seasonal questline, the Seneschal Quest, which will reward the players with a powerful companion, the Seneschal, who can fight and support in combat.


The campaign is a great way to explore the world and the game's lore and unlock some features and rewards. However, the campaign is also long and linear and can slow down your leveling speed.


You'll be able to collect the Renown that you gathered from the previous seasons, giving you some extra talents to work with. Your character is functional and going to do the seasonal Quest as much as you can because the seasonal power is going to make you significantly stronger.


Do the Overworld Activities

Do the Overworld activities, such as the Tree of Whispers, the Legion Events, the World Bosses, and the Vaults, which will provide the players with a lot of XP, Diablo 4 currency, and items.


The vaults are overworld activities that were added in Season 3, and they can be found in all regions of the game. The Vaults are hidden and mysterious dungeons that are randomly generated and filled with treasures and dangers. The players can find the Vaults by using the Vault Keys, which can be obtained from the Construct, the new mechanic of the season. The Vaults are also a great way to level up fast, as they provide a lot of XP and loot, as well as a chance to obtain the Governing Stones and the Tuning Stones, which are special items that can be used to customize the Seneschal Companion.


Unlock Your Construct Companion

Immediately unlock your construct companion and some abilities with suitable support, and push that quest line as quickly as possible.


The Seneschal Companion is a mechanical ally that can fight and support you in combat, using different abilities and effects depending on the stones you equip. The Seneschal Companion is a powerful and useful companion that can enhance your performance and impact, especially for leveling up.


It's got two ability slots called Governor Stone slots and six support slots called Tuning Stone slots. Three support Stones will enhance one Constructed ability. The Seneschal Construct whirls its legs around quickly, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies.

How to Level Up from 1 to 70 Quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3 Governor Stone


Upgrade the Gear Whenever Possible

Upgrade the gear whenever possible, especially the Sacred and Ancestral Weapons, which will greatly increase damage.


The Sacred and Ancestral Weapons have special properties that can trigger a powerful effect, such as Overpower and Charged Bolt. The Sacred and Ancestral Weapons can help you clear dungeons and enemies faster and easier. You can obtain the Diablo 4 Sacred and Ancestral Weapons from various sources, such as the World Bosses, the Legion Events, the Tree of Whispers, and the Vaults. You can also craft the Sacred and Ancestral Weapons at the Jeweler using the Shattered Stone, which can be obtained from the Construct.


•  Use gems for easy stat boosts, especially rubies, which will increase Overpower damage when set into a weapon.


•  Equip aspects selectively, depending on the build and playstyle.

How to Level Up from 1 to 70 Quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3 gear


Do the Domhainne Tunnels

Do the Domhainne Tunnels, which are the fastest way to level up but also the most boring and repetitive. Do this until level 45-50, then head to the capstone dungeon.


You'll probably have a hard time with the mobs when you first enter. You have to do the same tasks and fight the same enemies repeatedly, but the dungeon has several objectives and rewards for you to do it.

How to Level Up from 1 to 70 Quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3 Domhainne Tunnels

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