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  • How to Get Blessings Aplenty of Gold in Diablo 4
    By Ansley2023-08-29 00:00:00

    Diablo 4 has a lot of things to offer to players who love to slay demons and loot treasures. However, one of the most valuable resources in the game is gold, which can be used to buy items, upgrade gear, reroll stats, respec skills, and more. Diablo 4 Gold is also essential for unlocking and upgrading seasonal blessings, which are special bonuses that enhance the player's experience and rewards.


    However, gold is difficult to come by in Diablo 4, especially at higher world tiers and endgame content. Players have to grind a lot of monsters, quests, dungeons, and events to earn enough gold to afford their needs. Fortunately, there are some ways to increase the amount of gold players can earn in Diablo 4, including the Blessings Aplenty event.


    How to Get Blessings Aplenty of Gold in Diablo 4


    What Is Blessings Aplenty

    Blessings Aplenty is a limited-time event that runs from September 1, 10 a.m. to September 5, 10 a.m. PDT in Diablo 4. All players will earn XP and gold at a 25% increased rate during this event. The event applies to both seasonal and eternal realms and all world tiers. The event is a gift from the Blessed Mother, who is known for her cruelty and generosity.


    Players can also see a new in-game icon beside their potion count that signifies the increased rate of earning gold and XP.


    How to Take Advantage of Blessings Aplenty

    Blessings Aplenty is a great opportunity for players who want to boost gold income and progress faster in Diablo 4. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of the event:


    •  Play as much as possible during the event period: The event only lasts for five days, so players should try to play as much as they can during this time. The more they play, the more gold and XP they will earn.


    •  Focus on activities that reward gold: Some activities in Diablo 4 are more lucrative than others regarding gold rewards. Players should prioritize these activities during the event, such as:


    •  Quests: Quests are one of the main sources of gold in Diablo 4. They usually reward a large amount of gold upon completion and other rewards such as items, materials, renown points, and more. Players should try to complete as many quests as possible during the event, especially the seasonal quests related to the vampire storyline.


    •  Dungeons: Dungeons are another major source of gold in Diablo 4. They are randomly generated areas that are filled with enemies, traps, puzzles, and bosses. Players can enter dungeons through portals that are scattered around the world map or through specific quests. Dungeons reward gold for killing enemies and bosses, as well as for opening chests and finding secrets. Players should try to clear as many dungeons as they can during the event, especially the Nightmare Dungeon Zone and Torment Dungeon Zone, which offer greater difficulty and rewards.


    •  Events: Events are dynamic occurrences randomly on the world map or in dungeons. They usually involve fighting waves of enemies or completing certain objectives within a time limit. Events reward gold for participating and completing them and other rewards such as items, materials, renown points, etc. Players should try to join as many events as possible during the event, especially the seasonal events related to the vampire theme.


    •  Use Diablo 4 items and skills that increase gold find: Some items and skills in Diablo 4 can increase the amount of gold players find from enemies and chests. Players should try to equip these items and use these skills during the event to maximize their gold income. Some examples of these items and skills are:


    •  Goldskin: This unique chest armor increases gold find by 100%.


    •  Goldwrap: This unique belt increases armor by 1% for every ten gold picked up.


    •  Avarice Band: This unique ring increases gold find by 30% and increases pickup radius by 1 yard for every gold picked up.


    •  Boon of the Hoarder: This legendary gem gives a chance to drop an explosion of gold from enemies.


    •  Greed's Embrace: This uber-unique chest armor increases gold find by 300% but reduces movement speed by 30%.


    •  Gold Rush: This barbarian skill increases movement speed by 30%, and gold finds by 50% for 5 seconds after killing an enemy.


    •  Gold Strike: This is a rogue skill that deals damage and stuns enemies in a cone and causes them to drop 10% of their gold.


    •  Gold Aura: This sorceress skill creates an aura that increases gold find by 25% for herself and her allies.


    •  Blood Money: This necromancer skill converts 10% of the damage dealt by his minions into gold.


    •  Sell or salvage unwanted items: Players will find a lot of items in Diablo 4, but not all of them will be useful or valuable. Players should try to sell or salvage these items to earn more gold during the event. Selling items can be done at any vendor in the game while salvaging items can be done at any blacksmith or alchemist. Selling items will give a fixed amount of gold based on the item's rarity and level while salvaging items will give a random amount of gold and materials based on the item's quality and type. Players should also use the Urn of Bargaining blessing to increase the amount of gold they earn from vendor sales.



    Blessings Aplenty is a rare and generous event that can help players earn a lot of gold and XP in Diablo 4. Players should take advantage of this event and follow the tips above to maximize their gold income and progress faster in the game. Blessings Aplenty will start on September 1, 2023, so mark your calendars and prepare to join the gold rush!