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Diablo 4 Masterworking Explained

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Masterworking in Diablo 4 is an advanced end-game system that enables players to greatly enhance their equipment. This comprehensive guide will help you understand and make the most of the Masterworking process:

What is Masterworking

Masterworking is a process available at the Blacksmith that enhances the affixes on your Ancestral Legendary and Unique equipment. By using rare materials obtained from The Pit of Artificers, you can upgrade your gear to higher Masterwork Ranks, which in turn increases the power of your affixes.

Masterworking Materials

The materials required for Masterworking are tiered and obtained from The Pit of Artificers:

•  Obducite: Acquired from Pit Tier 1 to 29, used for Masterwork Ranks 1 to 4.

•  Ingolith: Gained from Pit Tier 30 to 59, used for Masterwork Ranks 5 to 8. It can be transmuted into three Obducite.

•  Neathiron: Collected from Pit Tier 60 to 200, used for Masterwork Ranks 9 to 12. It can be transmuted into three Ingoliths.

Moreover, the Masterworking process necessitates additional materials including Gold (Click here for Unlimited D4 gold!), Iron Chunks, Rawhide, Veiled Crystals, and more.

Masterworking Bonuses

As you increase the Masterwork Rank of an item, its affixes receive bonuses. At specific ranks, one affix will receive a significant bonus, known as a Masterworking Crit or Proc:

•  Ranks 1, 2, 3: +5% to all affixes.

•  Rank 4: +25% to one random affix.

•  Ranks 5, 6, 7: +5% to all affixes.

•  Rank 8: +25% to one random affix.

•  Ranks 9, 10, 11: +5% to all affixes.

•  Rank 12: +25% to one random affixes.

An affix can receive the Masterworking Crit bonus multiple times, changing its color from blue to yellow, and finally to orange, indicating the number of times it has received the bonus.

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How to Masterwork

1. Unlock Masterworking: Complete a Tier 46 Nightmare Dungeon to unlock The Pit of Artificers.

2. Gather Materials: Run different tiers of The Pit to collect the necessary materials for Masterworking.

3. Choose Your Gear: Select the Ancestral Legendary or Unique equipment you wish to upgrade.

4. Visit the Blacksmith: Provide the Blacksmith with the required materials to begin the Masterworking process.

5. Upgrade and Enhance: Increase the Masterwork Rank of your gear, enhancing its affixes and overall power.

Resetting Masterworking Ranks

If the Masterworking Crit bonus is applied to a less valuable affix, you can reset the item's Masterworking Ranks. This is particularly important if you're aiming for a Crit bonus on a specific affix. Resetting Masterworking Ranks in Diablo 4 is a straightforward process. Here's how you can do it:

1. Visit the Blacksmith

2. Choose the piece of equipment whose Masterworking Ranks you wish to reset.

3. Click on the red circle next to the item to reset its Masterworking Ranks.

4. Confirm the Reset.

This process has a 100% success chance but will cost you materials and gold. The cost for resetting includes: 30 Iron Chunks or Rawhide、20 Veiled Crystals,5 Forgotten Souls, and 5,000,000 Gold. After the reset, you can reapply the Masterworking process to try and get the Crit bonus on a more desirable affix.

Masterworking is a crucial part of maximizing your character's potential in Diablo 4. By carefully selecting which pieces to upgrade and strategically managing your materials, you can create a set of gear that will greatly enhance your performance in the game's most challenging content.

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