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New Level 85 Areas in Diablo 2 Resurrected Patch 2.4

By Jessie2022-01-21

There will be many changes in the upcoming Diablo 2 Resurrected patch 2.4. Making new areas viable for end-game farming is one of them. In this article, MmoGah shares some of the top areas that should be level 85. Before that, if you get tired of farming items, you can just come to MmoGah to buy, which offers various D2R items and Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder items. Now let's dive in!


The Introduction of Level 85


Level 85 areas are highly sought-after among players, consisting of some of the hardest monsters, and players build entire characters around farming certain ones. They are not only good for MF but also good for leveling. So making new level 85 areas is very good, but if these areas are not on par with places like Ancient Tunnels or the Chaos Sanctuary, players will go back to the old ones, as they usually like the areas that can spawn the unique monsters and have considerable monster density.


It’s announced that Arachnid Lair would be a level 85, which is sparse with the number of unique monsters that can spawn in it, and the monster dense is very low. But there are some better areas that go unnoticed or unfarmed in the game. If they were level 85 areas, players might go after them.


What Areas Should be Level 85


What Areas Should be Level 85


1. Red Portals - Act 5

If not all of them, at least the third portal should be a level 85 area. This secret Red Portal can be found in the frigid highlands, which contains various types of monsters with many immunities, and the monster density is pretty decent. Although ghosts can sometimes pop up which are lightning immune, this area is a phenomenal farming area for a lightning sorceress who doesn't have infinity. Lightning skills are getting up a bump in this new patch. So this could be a good one-two punch combo. Additionally, with a name that translates literally to the place of destruction or underworld abode of lost souls, there's no reason this area should only be level 81.


2. Drifter Cavern/ The Icy Cellar – Act 5

These two areas provide a different place for a fire sorceress to farm, and they look much like the frozen river from the outside, but when you enter them, they kind of turn into a monster dueling arena. Using the right strategy can get you through it, but players on a budget need to approach these circular rooms with much caution. Like the Red Portals in ACT 5, there is always a super MF chest at the end of them. So making these areas level 85 can encourage players to explore different game areas and possibly even tailor new physical and fire builds around them.


3. Swampy Pit - Act 3

The swampy pit is located near the Great Marsh waypoint, and there exists some of the most dangerous monsters. It's similar to the garbage monster density of the Arachnid Layer. Although making this area level 85 may not encourage many more people to go in for a visit, it would make sense for it to be. Cold sorceress might enjoy the multiple levels and the super MF chest at the bottom. And Arachnid Lair is located just off the spider forest waypoint. These two areas could combine to provide some accessible areas to farm in ACT 3.


4. Stony Tomb - Act 2

Some players might think that we should upgrade the Stony Tomb. Because in PD2, senpai added many other chests and cool features in this area, and the monster density was pretty good. It's not necessarily the same in regular Diablo 2. The monster density is a bit better than the mausoleum, though. But honestly, the Stony Tombs should be upgraded too.


5. Tal Rasha's Tomb – Act 2

Tal Rasha's Tomb is better than the Stony Tomb in ACT 2, which should be the level 85 area. Usually, players make a small pit stop in normal difficulty to level in this area to reach level 20 and then do cows. But as an area that's so closely tied to the lore of diablo 2, there are many reasons that this area should get more play.


First, the area isn't friendly to hammerdins. If players are sick of getting a hammeredin for the end-game, then making it level 85 could suit you very well because it would mean people farming in the end game would need to explore different builds to farm this area efficiently.


Secondly, this area doesn't rely on players having teleport. Any player who reaches the canyon can easily walk from the waypoint to the tombs and progress through a very monster-dense area on foot.


It is also one of the best ways to encourage players to seek other Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords besides Enigma to complete their non-sorcerous build. So we could consider making the Tomb area level 85 as well. Although this would make typical play-through a little difficult, it would reward players preemptively for going after the ACT boss Duriel when farming, who is currently the most under-farmed boss in the game. Anyway, if this was a level 85 area, it could prove to be a new meta for leveling and Hell difficulty.


When the D2R Ladder comes, if the monsters in these areas are level 90, players can level their characters to level 99 fast and create characters that can effectively destroy groups of monsters and efficiently take down a single target monster. So making areas with insane monster levels and difficulty and more diverse, more active areas, like Tombs, would be a great change.


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