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  • Join D2R PTR 2.4 Ladder Testing

    By Ansley2022-03-03

    The D2R PTR 2.4 ladder testing goes live on March 2. It heralds that we are close to the D2R Ladder season. If you also get interested in D2R Ladder, it's a good chance to experience it in advance.


    Join D2R PTR 2.4 Ladder Testing


    Main Details

    Based on the previous patch 2.4 PTR, there are more updated contents being tested, such as ladder functionality, Uber Diablo updates. During the time, any feedback from players is important to constitute a cherished game. Leave them in PTR Feedback forum.



    The Ladder is available for testing during PTR.

    1. Players can retrieve season start or end information using '/ladder' and '/helpladder' chat commands.

    2. There is a leaderboard UI, which is available for ladder information.

    3. Ladder characters will be converted to non-ladder characters at the end of the season.

    4. Once a Ladder season ends, the D2R Ladder Items that are not retrieved in that season only can be retrieved by the seasonal Ladder shared stash tab after the start of the next ladder season.


    Uber Diablo Changes

    Uber Diablo is a monster that spawns and is a formidable challenge. Before encountering Uber Diablo, players should better accumulate plenty of physical damage reduction values and have high lighting and fire resistance. In this PTR, there are some changes to make the gaming experience better than before.

    1. When a certain number of Stone of Jordan rings are sold to merchants, Uber Diablo will spawn in the same region for everyone, not only spawn for players of the same server.

    2. There are game types of Classic, Classic Hardcore (HC), Classic Ladder, Classic HC Ladder, Expansion, Expansion HC, Expansion Ladder, Expansion HC Ladder. Per game type has one progress. A total of eight progressions of different game types are tracked.

    3. New messages will be sent to all players of certain tiers progress at the region to help them anticipate when Uber Diablo may spawn.

    4. Players can check the message of Uber Diablo by using a '/uberdiablo' chat command.


    Classes Changes

    This PTR has many skill changes for each class.

    For example:

    Barbarian: Throwing Mastery has increased base attack bonus to 44% (from 30%) and added chance not to consume quantity per level (Up to 50%) and replenished quantity of Critical strikes with throwing weapons.


    How to Participate

    Players need a standard game account to install PTR through the app; then open the app, select game, select Public Test Realm above the play button. When players see the install button, click it. If you don't see the install button, you might not have a standard game account. So players should check their game account first.


    This is what MmoGah shares today. We hope that every player can have a good experience. When the Ladder season launches, if you need to buy D2R Ladder Items, you can buy from us, and we will do our best to make you satisfied.