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Good D2R Items for Patch 2.4 Mercenaries

In D2R, players can hire mercenaries to fight alongside them. Although mercenaries have decent fighting strength, players need to use armors and weapons to equip them. Good D2R items can help mercenaries escape death when fighting in a melee. If you don't know how to choose items for mercenaries, below are some suitable ones.


Good D2R Items for Patch 2.4 Mercenaries



Using equipment with life-stolen traits is necessary because sufficient life can increase mercenaries' endurance. But fewer armors have this affix, so helms with many styles become the first choice. Generally, the effect of helms defense is low. Choosing helms of Eth can get more defense than other helms. Although helms of Eth are the best, helms of set items, which are not ethereal items, are also great.


Tal Rasha's Horadric Crest

This helm has good resistance, and the ability to steal life is medium. When mercenaries put in armors without resistance, we recommend players use this.


Vampire Gaze

This helm can reduce damage by up to 20%. It will get the best damage-reduced effect using cooperatively with damage-reduced armors. But the life stolen effect is a little fewer.


Crown of Thieves

The maximum enhanced damage is up to 200% ED, and this helm has high life stolen power at the full variables. When players' armors have resistances, we recommend players choose this helm.



Weapons are security support because they have large life stolen ability when dealing a heavy blow to enemies. If mercenaries already put in equipment such as Crown of Thieves helm, which has a high ability to steal life from others, they can use base items with Insight Runeword to ensure survival. But if players have a lot of mana, more than 1000, they can give up using Insight Runeword. Even if mercenaries supply mana occasionally, they can not die. And they can configure more advanced weapons. It's better than using relatively low-grade base items with Insight Runeword.



It can supply mana after each killing. The more monsters mercenaries kill, the more mana they get. When the level is high, the damage is large. And it can cause twice as much damage by level. Then a level 6 critical strike exerts power beyond imagination.



It has a high attack power. Players with enough mana can use base items with Obedience Runeword. It is better than Insight when players have no lack of mana. Base items can improve many attributes with it. For example, it can give fast hit recovery and increase strength and dexterity, etc.


The Reaper's Toll

It can steal life a lot, up to 15%, when mercenaries hit a target. And it can release Decrepify. When players have a lot of mana, they can use it.


Kelpie Snare

It is a good weapon to defeat a boss because it can make targets slow speed by 75%. It is an ethereal item that we need to store. And when players reach a high level to use it, they can deal with many bosses efficiently. If storing enough mana, players can choose it.

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