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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Updates and Improvements from Patch 2.4.3

Patch 2.4.3 of Diablo 2 Resurrected has been released. The patch mainly revolves around the lobby update and some other improvements. You may already find some changes if you have played this game in the last few days. And this time, we extract the content below to know more details.


More Games Can be Created

Some players have the same problem: Although they have created many games that are different in classes, different in the number of multiplayer, and different in skill builds, different in D2R ladder items, they still want to create a new game to replenish their game experience, but the backend capacity can’t load so many games. They must delete some games they have already created to load new games.


Now this unfavorable situation has changed. Players can create 40 games twice than before.


Console Lobby Updates

The picture below is the layout that has changed.





If they select the private option, players can create a private game, which only friends or invited players can join. And private games can not appear in Game List.


Game List

Players don’t need to complain about the horrible system of Party Finder because Game List has replaced it now.


Players can use the search feature to select the wanted game by setting parameters in filtering options.


Parameters: Difficulty, Ping, Game Name.


Quick keyword calls Game Name filter:

PlayStation: Triangle button

Xbox: Y button

Nintendo Switch: X button


game list


Game Creator

Custom is an additional category in Game Creator. Players can use its two options to create games.


Players can create a public game in the Game List or create a password-protected game which is a public game with a password.


game creator


PC Lobby Update

Search functionality has been added to the lobby. Then players can find their favorite games quickly with specific keywords and game names.


When players hover their mouse over a game name, the game’s related information will pop up.


And players can find games easily in Game List because games have been classified according to connected quality.


PC lobby


Other Improvements

Horadric Cube can be directly opened when players press a bindable hotkey for the mouse and keyboard. And it also can be opened using a button from the inventory menu.


With the new skill - Loot to Cube- players can quickly pick D2R items up and place them into Horadric Cube.


Players can set their preferred automap position with the setting of Automap Auto Open.



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