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Diablo 2 Resurrected: Quests of Act V to Get to the Next Difficulty

When players have completed quests of Act V, they can change the difficulty of Diablo 2 Resurrected to open a new start. Below are the synopsis and rewards for the quests of Act V - Harrogath. Let’s see.


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Quest 1: Sige On Harrogath


Larzuk will ask you to kill Shenk The Overseer.


Rewards: Larzuk can create sockets for your d2r weapon or armor.


Quest 2: Rescue On Mount Arreat


Qual-Kehk asks you to rescue 15 Barbarian soldiers who are getting trapped in Frigid Highlands. There are wooden prisons to imprison them. You need to find each one with patience. After you get soldiers out of there, go back to talk with Qual-Kehk.


Rewards: You can acquire #7 Tal, #8 Ral, and #9 Ort runes of D2R. And you can hire Barbarian mercenaries from Qual-Kehk.


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Quest 3: Prison Of Ice


Talk with Malah, and he would say, Anya, who was in the city, has disappeared. The task for you is to get her back. And you will find her in Frozen River, being frozen. In this case, you need to return to Malah for the potion, which can save Anya. Then go back to Frozen River and save Anya from the freeze. Then Anya and Malah will reward you.


Rewards: Anya can give you a Diablo 2 class-specific item according to your level. And Malah gives a scroll, which can increase your resistances by ten.


Quest 4: Betrayal Of Harrogath


Anya would say there is a village elder called Nihlathak who threw himself into the darkness and betrayed us, and you need to end his shameful life. Jump into the portal Anya opened and find Nihlathak to kill him. Then you get rewards from Anya.


Rewards: Anya names your weapon with your name.


Quest 5: Rite Of Passage


Qual-Kehk would say although you killed Nihlathak, the holy item of the village has been lost. Baal maybe has got it to create evil things. It will help if you go to Worldstone Keep to smash his plot. Then you come to Arreat Summit to read words on the Altar Of The Heavens and defeat keepers.


Rewards: You can enter the Worldstone Keep and receive a lot of experiences.


Quest 6: Eve Of Destruction


After Baal was killed, the archangel would appear, and he will say Worldstone has suffered pollution from Baal. To avoid Worldstone bringing much powerful energy to monsters, you must destroy it.


Rewards: You can go to the next difficulty. Congratulations!



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