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Diablo 2 Resurrected: How to Earn More Skill Points

There are many reasons why players are getting interested in Diablo 2 Resurrected. One of them is that they can experience a variety of skills for seven classes of D2 Resurrected. In general, skills are an essential part of the classes. Skill points are essential for one certain skill to be used. So, this time, we will talk about some ways to earn more skill points.


Diablo 2 Resurrected-How to Earn More Skill Points


What Is Skill Points

The word - Skill Points is a term to identify the level of skills. A skill with 18 Skill Points can unleash more power than 10 Skill Points. It means that if players want to release a bigger effect for skills, they should accumulate Skill Points as more as possible.


Methods to Get Skill Points

1. Level up: Each time of leveling up can give one Skill Point to players. When players level up to 99, they can get 98 Skill Points just by leveling up. If they find an easy way to level up, it will quickly help them get Skill Points.

2. Complete specific quests: Some quests contain Skill Points. If running these quests and completing them, players can receive these Skill Points as a reward.


Quests You Can Do to Earn Skill Points

A total of four Skill Points are respectively hidden in some quests of each difficulty. If completing these quests of all three difficulties of Normal, Nightmare, Hell, players can get extra 12 Skill Points. These quests are not mandatory quests, but players can strengthen their characters when they finish them. These are helpful to extend their skill range and gain D2R quest rewards such as runes and unique items.


1. Den of Evil: It is located in the Blood Moor. After players kill all monsters in it, they will earn Akara's trust. Players can get one Skill Point as a reward, and they also have the opportunity to get Respec.

2. Radaments Lair: It is the first quest of Act 2. When players defeat the monster - Radament for the first time, Book of Skill, which is a tome item, will drop from it. Players can get one Skill Point by triggering Book of Skill.


Strategy 1: The Radament is surrounded by skeletons. The first step to defeat the Radament is to get rid of skeletons. Using cold attacks, players can make skeletons freeze to death and leave no corpse to revive. It's a good way to prevent skeletons reviving and reduce Radament's enablers. Then players can defeat the Radament without obstacles.

Strategy 2: Players should carry Antidote Potions or stack Poison Resistance to escape Radament's poison breath.


3. Fallen Angel: Tyrael will tell players to set free Izual's tortured spirit. When completed the quest, players can get two Skill Points.


What Is the Relation between Character Level and Skill Points

There is a character level requirement. If players want to get Skill Points, they also should confirm their Character Level. For example, if they want to add 15 Skill points to a level 30 skill, their Character Level must be more than 45.


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