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Diablo 2 Resurrected: A Hot Poison Nova Necromancer Build

Poison Nova Necromancer is a good character that needs fewer skill points than other characters. So this time, we introduce one type of its build, which does not sacrifice any damage or the Magic Find for extra safety.


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You need enough Strength to wear your gear, such as the Monarch, so getting over 156 is better. There is no need for extra points in Dexterity, Vitality, and Energy. And the four Resistances – Fire Resistance, Lighting Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Cold Resistance are not needed very high.


Skill Tree

Summons: Revise can be used most of the time because it will make you stay alive for 180 seconds. So suppose you bring it up at different times of the game. Obviously, you can use Iron Golem. Then it would be better to go ahead and max out Golem Mastery, which can be added to keep Iron Golem's life.


Curses: To Lower Resistance, you can put all your remaining points on it. Doing that may be minus the Poison Resistance, but it can add a bunch of sheer damage to monsters.


Poison and Bone: There is an argument about whether to put more points into Corpse Explosion to get more hits on monsters. If you want to get more radius on your Lower Resistance, you can set fewer points on it. And you can max out Poison Dagger, Poison Explosion, and Poison Nova because that's the main point of the build.



Death's Web would be the first weapon you might find.


Trang-Oul's Claws provides +25% poison skill damage. And with it, you can get Curses and Cast Rate increases.


Stone of Jordan and Raven Frost are pretty options as your ring if you want to get your Faster Cast Rate higher.


Arachnid Mesh can be chosen as your belt. If you want the partial or full set bonuses or if you just want to get your “Cannot Be Frozen”, you can choose Trang-Oul's Girth.


If you can get Enigma, you can teleport around. So it would be better to set Enigma on your Trang's armor.


Shako, such as Harlequin Crest, is really a go-to piece of gear for almost every single character or Magic Find in the game. If you're specifically going for the full set or you don't have a Shako, Trang-Oul's Guise can act as your helmet.


Mara's Kaleidoscope is a good option for a D2R amulet. And you can use it all the time once you get it.


For the shield, you can use a spirit Monarch. And there is another piece of the tracks that you can use. It is Trang-Oul's Wing. But if you use it, you need to get more Poison Resistance.


There are many different options for your boots. For example, you can wear War Traveler to get more Magic Find.


You also can get off your Hammerdin or Sorceress's Caster gear and throw it right onto your Necromancer.


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