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D2R Patch 2.5 Ladder Season Two: Builds Have a Rebirth with Sundering Charms – Section One

There are some Diablo 2 Patch 2.5 builds that Sundering Charms have created. Although they are not necessarily the strongest in every scenario, they're relatively cheap to build and can change some end-game content.


D2R Patch 2.5 Ladder Season Two Builds Have a Rebirth with Sundering Charms – Section One


Holy Fire Dragon Paladin

In Patch 2.4, this build was good at cow farming or other areas where there weren't firemen monsters. But it would really hit a hard wall in areas like Chaos Sanctuary with Venom Lord.


Now this disadvantage has been changed by Sundering Charms. Players can wield a very high-level Conviction and then have the Sundering Charm to sunder monsters to remove the fire immunity. With this build, players can farm everywhere and charge everywhere. It has great mobility and is not too expensive.


In terms of the gear, there are a lot of possibilities. Besides using the Hand of Justice weapon, Dragon Armor, and Dragon shield, players can use almost any other gear combination.


In terms of how to invest skill points for this build, it's relatively straightforward. Players can invest 20 points into Resist Fire, then 20 points into Salvation. These two skills will massively boost the Holy Fire synergy from the Runewords - Hand of Justice and the dual Dragons on their armor and shield. And then, they have 24 points into Conviction.


Fire Claw Werewolf Druid

Before the induction of Sundering Charms, the biggest drawback to this build was that it would use basically one shot. And then, when players ran into a fire immunity monster, they entirely relied on their physical portion.


But now, with the introduction of Sundering Charms, players can apply full physical and fire damage to every hit. On top of that, this build has great movement speed from feral rage as well as fantastic AoE from a much improved Armageddon.


So this build does everything well, no matter elemental damage, physical damage, AoE, or movement speed. And it doesn't require Enigma Runeword.


As far as the gear goes, it is a little bit expensive. Three pieces of gear are suitable if players want to achieve the best possible result with this build. These are Ravenlore for the helmet, Phoenix for the shield, and Grief for the main weapon. The complement of physical damage and negative fire resistance from Phoenix, the raw hard-hitting damage from grief, and the negative fires from Ravenlore make for a fantastic build combination.


As far as mercenaries, typically, Infinity mercenary is recommended. And players can use a Plague mercenary variant in Act 5 for a little bit more of a somewhat budget approach.


Now in terms of the skill tree, players who want more plus life can put more points into Oak Sage. And if they want more damage, they can put more points into Heart of Wolverine. Regarding Shape Shifting skills, players can put points into all the prerequisites for Fire Claw and then completely reach max points of Fire Claw. About the elemental skills, because there are synergies to Fire Claw, players can put max points into Firestorm and Molten Boulder. And they can put the rest of their points into Fissure and Armageddon to boost Armageddon's damage.



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