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D2R Ladder Guide: Top Starter Builds

By Jessie2022-05-13

Diablo2 Resurrected ladder season 1 has started. Which build should be used for ladder start is a top topic. So in this guide, MmoGah will share several top starters builds. Let's dive in.


What Is D2R Ladder

D2R Ladder is a little different from D2 Resurrected, for example, it has some new unique Runewords, and it will last three months. Once the ladder ends, its characters will be converted to non-ladder. And the D2R ladder Runewords and recipes will also be transferred into non-ladder. A player who joins a fresh ladder will need to start from 0, so to level the new character fast, a good build is essential.


D2R Ladder: Top Five Starter Builds


Top Five Starter Builds
Picking a good build will give you the best experience during a fresh ladder start. Here are the top five starter builds that you can choose.


Number 1: the Blizzard Sorceress 

Blizzard sorceress is extremely powerful, which should be the go-to character for farming for the first day or two. You can farm Mephisto with this build for at least a few hours before transitioning into Hydra. You can invest enough points into cold mastery until you get the least negative 100%. This will bring the majority of monsters that aren't cold immune down to negative 100 resistance. The budget items are a Spirit Sword, a Spirit Monarch Shield, and a Lore helm.


Number 2: Fist of The Heavens Paladin

A level-75 plus budget for paladin can cleanse the chaos sanctuary with these. This build might be the best go-to ladder starter. Because transitioning into a budget smite or Uber killer after you farm enough gear can be rewarding once you start stacking those torches. You can max out Holy Bolt, Fist of the Heavens, Holy Shock, and Conviction, but be mindful that when you start increasing its level from all of your plus skills from gear, don’t take Conviction over negative 150 resistance. The budget items you'll want to acquire would be a Spirit Sword of paladin, a based Spirit Shield and a Lore helm.


Number 3: Lighting Sentry Assassin

The massive utility and damage he provides is everything you could ask for from a day one budget character. The Assassin is also extremely efficient at farming the Key of Destruction from Nihlathak, which is one of the hardest keys to farm in budget gear. When using the Mind Blast skill, you need to run in a pop cloak of shadows and lay down four lightning sentries and one death century. To max out Lightning Sentry, Shock Whip, Charge Bolt Sentry, and Death Sentry, you can put one point into these passives skills, and all remaining points can be thrown into fire blast. You’ll want to acquire a budget item: a Spirit Sword, Spirit Shield, and a Lore helm. If you get lucky to farm a D2R Lem Rune, making a Treachery can be nice for the Assassin, plus two Assassin skills. But it will remove your burst of speed.


Number 4: Fire Druid

This fire starter excels in areas with no fire immune. So if you are looking for a class that can farm level 85 zone, such as the Stoney tombs,Icy Cellar, this build is for you. It also works well in the MooMoo farm. And you can also use it to clear the Chaos Sanctuary with mid to late-game gear setups. To Max out Fissure, Volcano, Armageddon, and Molten Boulder, you can put one point into Summon Grizzly, and all are remaining into Firestorm. The budget items you'll want to acquire would be a Spirit Sword, a Shield, and a Lore helm.


Number 5: Lightning Fury Javazon 

It is a favorite build for hardcore ladder starters. The Lightning Fury Javazone excels in high-density areas, such as the cows. If you invest some points in the Valkyrie skill, you can use it to take for you when you farm Eldritch, Shenk, and Pindle with minimal to no gear. The Lightning fury javazon can also destroy Diablo and Baal in seconds in the endgame while poking with charge strike. You can put one point into these passives, and five in the appears for early progression to max out lightning fury and all of its synergies. If you’re struggling with certain farming zones in hell, investing some points in a Valkyrie will be helpful. The budget items include skill magic Javelin, a Spirit Shield, and a Lore helm.


In addition, if you're planning on doing a lot of group play with friends, the barbarian is also a good choice. But if you're more of a solo player, it is not a good choice.


The above content is from FrankieFresh. I hope that will be helpful. And if you need more D2 Resurrected guides, you can visit our Diablo2 Resurrected news page.



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