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  • D2R Guide: How And Where To Farm Shako In 2.4 Ladder
    By Jessie2022-05-20 00:00:00

    In Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Shako (Harlequin Crest) is an excellent helm many players go after.   And it's still important in the Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder. So in this D2R Ladder Harlequin Crest farming guideMmoGah will share a few tips and the best places to find Shakos. 


    What Are Shako's Bonuses


    +2 To All Skills

    +1.5 Life Per Character Level

    +1.5 Mana Per Character Level

    Damage Reduced By 10%

    50% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

    +2 To All Attributes


    Tips About Farming Shako Fast in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder


    Tip1: get a little bit of Magic Find

    Magic Find is incredibly important. A good way to get it is by using a helmet with three open sockets and putting three perfect Topazes in it. Then you will get 74% Magic Find. (If your character is a Sorceress, you can also use an Armor with four Topazes to get faster Cast Rate, but it will speed up your Magic Find run). In the early game, it's tough to get anything more valuable than the Magic Find on a helmet. And according to the following graph, you will find 74% Magic Find is a good amount.


    How To Farm Shako In D2R 2.4 Ladder


    This is a Magic Find diminishing return graph. You can see the blue one goes up at a 45-degree angle to find more magic items. But the orange one (hunting for uniques items) tapers off very quickly. When over four or five hundred, it gets almost flat. Because you're looking for a Shako in D2R Ladder, so 74% Magic Find is enough.


    Tips 2: make sure you have teleport skill

    If your character is not a Sorceress, it doesn't have the teleport skill inherently. So that you can teleport out to places faster or get past walls or gaps that you wouldn't be able to get through otherwise. You need to get a teleport staff. You can farm it from Ormus in Act 3 or buy it from Drogon, who resides in Act 2 in the town of Lut Gholein.


    Tips 3: Don't need too High Magic Find

    You don't need too high Magic Find in the early game, which will sacrifice a ton of kill speed and damage. So you don't need to spend too much time getting more Magic Find. 140 or 150 Magic Find is fine.


    Areas to Farm Shako In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder


    The following areas are the best places to farm Shakos. You can also farm other D2R Ladder items there.

    Best Level 85 Areas 

    Act 1:



    Underground Passage 2 (New)


    Act 2:

    Stony Tombs (New)

    Maggot Lair 3

    Ancient Tunnels



    Arachnid Lair (New)

    Swampy Pits (New)

    Swewrs (New)

    Temples (3 New)



    River of Flame/Chaos Sanctuary



    Abaddon (New)

    Pit of Acheron (New)

    Infernal Pits (New)

    Drifter Cavern (New)

    Icy Celler (New)

    Worldstone Keep


    If you're a sorceress, you can farm Shako from these two areas: Andariel (Hell - Catacombs Level 4) or Mephisto (Hell - Durance of Hate Level 3). And for any other character that is not a sorceress, places in Act 1 with champions with the highest drop odds and incredibly weak monsters are great to farm Shako fast.


    Areas That Are Not Recommended For Farming Shako


    Duriel, Baal, and Diablo aren't great places to farm Shako. You can definitely find Harlequins Crest from them, but to specifically defeat those exact monsters as fast as you can for this item, is not necessarily the most efficient. 


    The above content is from Sweet Phil. If you need more D2 Resurrected guides, you can follow him on YouTube or visit our Diablo2 Resurrected news page