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  • D2 Resurrected Ladder Farming Guide: How To Get Hellfire Torch
    By Jessie2022-05-26 00:00:00

    Hellfire torch is a must-have item for every character in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Since the Diablo 2 resurrected Ladder started, many players want to have a Hellfire Torch fast. In this guide, MmoGah will share the whole process of getting a Hellfire Torch.


    What Is The Hellfire Torch


    What Is The Hellfire Torch

    Every character in the game can have a Hellfire Torch in its inventory for maximum build potential. It can give a character the following strong bonus:


    25% Chance To Cast Level 10 Firestorm On Striking (Reduced to 5% in patch 1.13)

    +3 to all skills for a random character class (class varies)

    +10-20 To All Attributes (varies)

    All Resistances +10-20 (varies)

    +8 to light radius

    Level 30 Hydra (10 charges)


    Note: you can only put a Hellfire Torch in your inventory. If you want to have more than one, you must put your Hellfire Torch into your share stash before trading.


    How To Get A Hellfire Torch

    Hellfire Torch can be only dropped from Pandemonium Event, which is very complex. To finish this event, you must do the following 3-step process.


    Step 1: you must collect three keys (Key of Terror, Key of Hate, and Key of Destruction) to open a portal. There are three portals, so you need to collect nine keys: three Key of Terror, three Key of Hate, and three Key of Destruction. To collect these keys, you have to kill The summoner, The Countess, and Nihlathak in hell difficulty. It doesn't take much time defeat them, but the Key drop rate is very low. So you might need to kill them many times. 


    Step 2: Once you collect nine keys, you can come to Act 5 Harrogath in Hell difficulty. Put 1 of each key into Horadric Cube and click Transmute, and then one of 3 red portals (Forgotten Sands, Furnace of Pain, and Matron's Den ) will pop up. Repeat this three times, and these three portals will be opened. You can enter Forgotten Sands, Furnace of Pain, and Matron's Den. There are three bosses: Duriel, Izual, and Lilith. After defeating them, you will obtain Khalim Eye, Khalim Brain, and Diablo Horn. 


    Note: you should open three portals at the same time in the same game. Otherwise, you may open the same portal twice. And you need to do that in a different part of the city, or the portals tend to overlap.


    Step 3: Once you have collected these three items, you can go back to Harrogath and place Baal's Eye, Mephisto's Brain, and Diablo Horn into Horadric Cube. Hitting Transmute, and then the portal to Chaos Tristram will pop up. This is where you meet the game's ultimate bosses: Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo, that You have to kill to obtain a Hellfire Torch. 


    Because these three Ubers are the most difficult bosses in the game, Fighting with them simultaneously is extremely dangerous. So you can split them up, fighting them one by one. For example, after you enter Tristram, you can move towards the left. And then move towards the center. When Mephisto charges at you, you can pull him to the top left and fight him there. And then you can circle to the bottom right river and Move closer to the middle house on the bottom right until you find Baal. Move a touch to the river and fight Baal there. After killing him, you can move into the middle to engage Diablo.


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