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  • Why and How to Trade Dungeon Fighter Online Gold and Power Leveling at Mmogah?
    By John Ryan2015-05-26 00:00:00

    Hello, gamers! Along with a series of maintenance and updating of Dungeon Fighter Online, it has made a lot of changes, especially matter of current golds. Face-to-face and email’s trade have been canceled or prohibited for the instability of dfo gold trade.

    Why and how to trade dungeon fighter online gold and power leveling at Mmogah?

    Now, there are four main ways to trade in DFO, which is as follows:

           u Auction Hall: gamers can buy items from AH, also 5% commission is needed.   QQ图片20150521154809.jpg                                           

    u Professional Trade:

    Y Enchant shop: To finish the quest of Enchanter, then enchanter could invite or be invited in a team to trade, the upper limit is 10M.

                                                    dfo              profession       upper limit


    Y Disassembler: To finish the quest of Disassembler, then disassembler could locate a disassembling machine on somewhere away from Npc and walls, most gamers will put it on the gate of a dungeon map. Some gamers who want to earn some gold will choose the quest of dissembler. Others who do not waste time on distance and time of looking NPC will come to dissembler to dissemble items. The commission is 0-10 thousand.         



    u Amateur Personal Shop: Gamers could open an amateur personal shop to sell their items. The shop requires: Animation required lv6, 5 pc ethereal animation, 2 pc ordinary protein, 5 white magical production;

                                                                                recipe      personal shop


    As stated above, Mmogah can deliver gamers’ DFO gold with 3 secure ways quickly and safely: Auction Hall, Enchant shop and Amateur Personal shop.

          1. According to the recently maintenance, Auction Hall opens again at regular times, not only on weekends from May, 19, 2015 on, lv.30+ players are able to use it. MmoGah could deliver you dfo gold in this way conveniently and quickly with a large amount.


    menu AH

    2. Amateur personal shop: we can have a trade through amateur personal shop if you had it. Seller will pay for 4% commission by this way, less than 5% commission of AH. Moreover, if trade dfo gold in the trade channel, the commission will be 3%. It could make the trade much more cheap, fluent and reliable. Players of lv.25+ could open an amateur shop to go on a trade.



    3. Enchant shop: this trade can be a good way for gamers if gamers have made the quest of profession of enchanter. Not only can you get familiar with the role of an enchanter, but also you can trade what you want through a magic profession. Kill two birds with one stone. Why not have a try at mmogah?



    Practice makes perfect. Mmogah has more than 10 yeas' experience in the gaming industry that allows us to provide elite gamers with the most professional service for all your gaming needs. Buying dfo gold is a fast and convenient way for gamers who want to promote and improve themselves as soon as they can. Also, with discount of trade at mmogah, you can enjoy your game more freely without the bothering of time. GAMERS, Mmogah is always here waiting for you to sell your cheap dfo gold and provide your other best services: DFO power leveling. Whatever you want to know about the dfo gold trade, you can contact our live chat at any free time, we will try our best to help you and benefit you!