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The Ranking of the 4 Professions of Female Slayer in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan July 15th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

The new class F.Slayer was released on July 7th for Dungeon Fighter Online, whose Korean name is “귀검사 ”. There are four professions in all for female slayer: Sword Master, Dark Templar, Demon Slayer and Vagabond, then which profession you want to choose when you reach LvL15? MmoGah, as a professional dfo gold providing service, will share some experience with you in the following:

dfo female slayer



Num.1 the Dark Templar

- Recommended Armor: Plate
- Recommended Weapon: Short Sword 

The Dark Templar has good physical defense ability dues to the plate armor, which decreases the operating skill command to players. She has wide effect skills, most of which have AoE so that this can largely improve your fighting efficiency.

The Dark Templar focuses on zoning, support, crowd control and holding down enemies, you can utilize the Congest passive to maximize damage done by your spells.


Num.2 the Demon Slayer

- Recommended Armor: Heavy

- Recommended Weapon: Zanbato

The skills of the Demon Slayer has long and wide effect, so you can use long-distance attacking to avoid HP decrease. You needn’t to run everywhere to fight against enemies so that you will feel relaxed. However, moving fast decreases the defense, you should keep distance with the enemies.

The Demon Slayer is the medium-long range physical damage fighter, focuses on keeping enemies at a distance and attacking them with her long range whip sword.


Num.3 the Sword Master
- Recommended Armor: Light

- Recommended Weapon: Zanbato

The Sword Master can run more flexibly and has high attacking speed. The Y-string damage is quite powerful and some of her skills have wide range effect, in general, she has high damage rate. She is often considered as the PVP class who focuses on comboing and chaining skills. However, dues to the medium-short range attacking, you have to bear some HP decrease.


Num.4 the Vagabond

- Recommended Armor : Leather
- Recommended Weapon : Lightsabre 

The burst damage class. Has very powerful cube skills, massive AoE and a highly abusable low CD grab and re-position move that deals good damage on its own. Also has an excellent X-string for relatively good DPS on normal enemies and has a very abusable stacking self-buff that makes her X-string more powerful. However, she has quite low defense ability so that it requires you to have high operating skills.

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