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The Major Update of Dungeon Fighter Online Is Coming on January 17th

Shirley Huang January 17th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good News! The major update of Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO) is coming this evening, which is an exciting event for DFO fans. Here Mmogah as a professional dfo gold site will give a summary of this major update from DFO official site.


Luke, the ninth apostle threatens the peace of Pandemonium!

Adventurers, the fate of Pandemonium is in your hands.

1. New Area: Metro Center

- Max Level Uncapped: Max Level has increased from 86 to 90.

Pandemonium Scenario quests have been added.

-  Metro Center Area has been added

A new village Pandemonium Outpost has been added.

A new village Central Park has been added: You can enter this village after completing the Area Scenario quest: Metro Center.

- 5 Normal Dungeons, 1 Special Dungeon, and 1 Farming Dungeon have been added.

Normal Dungeons are: Time Square, Valley of the Half-breeds, Chamber of Terror, Wind Canyon, and Red Witch's Forest.


Special Dungeon: The Blood Lane dungeon has been added.


Farming dungeon: The Pandemonium Rift dungeon

Resurrection is restricted to a certain number of times, and this dungeon is tough enough to require Chronicle/Legendary equipment. Consume 8 fixed Fatigue, and generates 2 Named and 1 Boss monsters.


- Pandemonium Hell Party has been added.

You can enter it after completing the Level 90 Achievement quest: Hell Party Ep. 4: Chaos in Pandemonium

- 28 Demon Invitations are required for admission.

Level 85 - 90 Epic equipment, Epic fragment, and Epic Souls can be found.

Metro Center Hell Orb can be found.

Metro Center Hell Orb generates 500 Invitations when used.


2. New Dungeon: Luke (Normal)

Normal Luke has been added to the Pandemonium Entrance area.

You can enter it after reaching Level 90 and completing the Epic quest: Plans for the Future.

The monsters' abilities are not affected by the number of players in your party.

A party can use up to 12 Life Tokens in each dungeon.


- New Pattern: Berserk Monster

This pattern has been added to the Normal Luke dungeon.

When your actions fill the Berserk gauge full, the Berserk pattern is activated.

Each monster requires different conditions for filling their Berserk gauge.

The Berserk gauge decreases at regular intervals except for certain monsters

- Dungeon Structure

Sanctuary of Birth

Sanctuary of Destruction

Sanctuary of Dispersion

Altar of Light

Altar of Darkness

Solium Machina


3. Characters Balance Update

Slayer, Mage, Fighter, Gunner, Priest, Thief, Knight and Creator have update.


4. Items update

The Pandemonium dungeons except for Hell Party do not drop the items that are generally found in dungeons. Instead, they drop Terranium, a new material and an important resource of Pandemonium. Terranium is currently used in the Farming dungeon Pandemonium Rift and will be used in a variety of upcoming contents.

New materials: Terranium and Refined Terranium have been added.

New materials: Purification Stones and Light Sources have been added.

The new Equipment options and equipment type (Earrings) has been added.

Level 90 equipment items and Halidom Special equipment have been added

Dimensional Energy Imparters can now upgrade Chronicle equipment up to Level 90.

Now up to Level 90 equipment can be crafted through the Epic Book.

Golden Candles,Transcendent Stones and the Sealing and Transcendence Systems can now be used for equipment at Level 1 - 90.

The Trade type of Magic-sealed rare items has been changed from Sealed to Tradable.

Epic Fragments will now be shared with characters on the same account/server.

You character’s grade will affect the quantity of items that you can obtain.


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