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The Lost Treasure in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan August 21st, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

In Dungeon Fight Online, the equipment is very important for players, but how to get a lot of equipment from game? Today MmoGah shares the dfo guide and strategy to you, how to get various unique and legacy rated equipment, various CERA items, various potions and materials from lost treasures?


dfo lost treasure


At first, we need to understand what are the lost treasures.


Owing to the large metastasis, many treasures in Arad were looted and hidden all over the continent by monsters. Of course all these lost treasures must be really premium and rare but hard to get them. So some dungeon fighters spend their entire lifetime searching such items. All trinkets and knickknacks in the lost treasure are valuable, but only a few are found!


Then how to find the lost treasures? This is the critical point.


Lost treasures randomly dropped from all dungeons, try to grind dungeons every day, dropping possibility is high, luck is also important.

Hunt the monsters over level 30, dropping possibility is high.

Uncommon and rare beads also dropped from the lost treasure as well!


When we found lost treasures, how to open them? They can only be opened with the Skeleton Keys. Right-click on lost treasure, 2 items will come out, then the treasure box is opened. The treasure box contains a multitude of valuable items.


There are 3 ways to get the skeleton keys:


Hunt the monsters from the optimal level dungeons, when it shows optimal level 64-67, it is easily to drop the skeleton keys.

Randomly dropped. Lost treasures are almost common to drop but the skeleton keys are very rare to drop, dropping possibility is very low.

Buy from the Item Shop (1x for 1,400NX and 5 for 6,000NX). The Item Shop allows players to buy a lot of items through CERA.


Players are curious what comes out from a lost treasure.


A list of all possible items that can appear from Lost Treasures.

30 FP fatigue pot

10 Canna's Milk

10 Demon invitations

10 Canna's pudding

10 Reinforcement ticket

5 Refinement ticket

5 Life token

2 Kaleido box


Try the optimal level dungeons to get more skeleton keys, we advise you to buy the dfo gold to upgrade your level. MmoGah as professional website, provides dfo gold and dfo power levering service. You can buy dfo gold with 3% Off Discount, coupon code is Mmogah.com, so don’t hesitate to contact us.



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