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The 3rd DFO Fanart Contest Is Now Live

Shirley Huang August 01st, 2018 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Greetings, DFO adventurers!

A Fanart Contest to celebrate the arrival of the Agent class begins now!
Use your creativity and artistic abilities to express your love for the Agent!

Event Period: July 31- Aug24

Winner Announcement: Aug 31

Just like last year, there are many offline goods, but they are not easy to get!
If you are interested, submit your entry now!


Participation Requirements

DFO adventurers with level 20 or higher character

You can submit one entry per account. Please select a level 20+ character as your main character before participating in the event.


Fanart Topic

DFO and the Agent

Please express your love for the Agents!

Only directly drawn illustrations or directly produced models are accepted as entries.

DFO Custom Figure

Turn your character into a miniature figure!
Office site will create a miniature figure that mimics your character to every little detail.

DFO Custom Figure is a special figure created in collaboration with Snycky.
Snycky's lead designer will create your figure based on your avatars!


At the same time, some activities come together.

Blazing Laundromat

How to Clean Avatars

Collect Soap
In order to clean your avatars, you need Soap. To obtain Soap, eliminate Dust Monsters in Optimal Level Dungeons.
Dust Monsters will appear up to 10 times per day.

Meet the Laundromat Fairy
Open the event UI by clicking on the Laundromat Fairy in Hendon Myre.

Wash the Avatars
Insert your avatar and click the laundry button and the Laundromat Fairy will give you a new avatar.


Laundromat Fairy's Avatars

The laundromat fairy will take your avatars and give you brand new avatars in return!
You will get an avatar of the same class!

Chinese Zodiac

Arad Nobles

Puppet Show

Arad Rangers



Before you wash your avatars, please beware of the following:

* You cannot wash Clone Avatars.
* You cannot wash Rare Avatars.
* You cannot wash Skin/Aura/Weapon avatars.
* You cannot wash “Cannot be Sundered” avatars.
* Equipped avatars can be washed after unequiping them.
* Dark Knight Avatars have the same appearance as Male Slayer avatars.
* Creator avatars have the same appearance as Female Mage avatars.
* Female Priest and Agent avatars cannot be washed.
* Avatars used as washing material will disappear! Please be careful!
* All avatars received after washing are untradeable.

* All avatars received after washing can be sundered.


Roulette of HELL

Log-in every day for a chance to spin the Roulette of Hell! Get up to 4 additional spins by spending Demon Invitations!
Spin the Roulette of HellL for Hell Party Tickets, Hell Orbs, Epic Weapon Fragments and more!


Obtaining Roulette Chance
You can obtain up to 5 Roulette chances per day.

Roulette UI Information

Click the (https://static.dfoneople.com/publish/bbs_data_st1_neople/images/pds/530c20eb42/2018_07_27_03_00_561.png) on the bottom of the screen to open the UI.

Tip: If you are obtaining Epics at higher than an average rate, the Goblin on the UI will turn into a golden goblin.


Roulette Rewards
Spin the Roulette and you can obtain one of the rewards below to your inventory.
If your inventory is full, you will receive the item to your mailbox.


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