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Strong and Selfless Priest in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan July 31st, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Someone is strong and selfless warrior who has dedicated his life to holy pursuit, namely the eradication of evil. As team leader, in order to protect companion, he would not hesitate to sacrifice himself. Do you know who is he? He is Priest character in the Dungeon Fighter Online. This game is a fast-paced fantasy-action online game. It has nine classes, so you can choose any one of them, now let MmoGah introduces this character to you that you can easily to choose, we also share some strategies and guide to you to play well the game.


 “My Lord, why have you chosen me?”

 Priest is inspired by the human who looks very tall and strapping, handsome, but used to be called uncle. In order to reach his holy pursuit, the Priest carries large, terrifying weapons and equipment, such as giant wooden crosses or daunting totem poles, fights with all creatures that dare cross him. At the same time, the Priest also has limited huge and magical ability, used for healing or enhancing himself for battle.


Subclass Advancement


1 Crusader

This magic using class is the toughest out of the Priest subclasses with a plate armor mastery. He focuses on his offensive skills and Full Support .Though very useful in endgame content, Full Support are not recommended for leveling before then.

A slow but strong class, boasting some toughness even after losing his heavy armor mastery. He mainly uses Crosses (magic/defense) or Rosaries (magic).


2 Monk

He mainly uses his fists after removing his weapon with Will Driver, creating a field that buffs him. This is a little same with the specialized combat, overthrow the pretender technology. He has combos, first strike, escape, move along, stiff State skill and so on characteristics. Apart from using weapon directly attacking targets, he can also call out weapons hidden in power.

Wrist of the famous blue boxing- Teda.John Boehner is very large, he is one of four legendary priest.


3 Exorcist

 Be at ease. For my spirits and talismans will ward away evil...”


dfo Exorcist


His main weapons are Rosaries (magic), Scythe (speed), or Battle Axes (raw physical power). He focuses on powerful physical attacks and magical attacks, has AOE and various supporting effects. He has three masteries: Cloth, Heavy, and Plate, each to suit different build.

Weaknesses of Exorcism:

Mobility is low, if you want a high rate of DPM, A lot of MP will be burned, you are not welcome opponent in the Arena.

Weapon is the most expensive of the priest subclasses.

Strengths of Exorcism:

Highest damage output of the Priest subclasses.

Great Arena potential.

Enough Super Armor.

When you know above, you will avoid the weaknesses, take advantage of strengths to beat the enemy.


4. Avenger

Avenger is unique compared with other priest classes. He focuses on shadow damage, using all kinds of methods to take full advantage of his demonic power. He is a mix person between durability and speed, Scythe is his main armor.


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