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Season 3 ACT 05. Redemption of DFO Is Coming on July 25

Shirley Huang July 24th, 2017 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Good news! Season 3 ACT 05. Redemption of DFO is coming tomorrow (July 25). There also have some activities in the game:

Judgement Day

From Jul 25 to Aug 22, 2017

Collect the Holy Energy dispersed across Arad and collect your rewards!

Honey Time

From July 25 to Aug 22, 2017

Just login and you can receive rewards! Honey time is always here and never ending!

Day by Day

From July 25 to Sep 19, 2017

You can obtain 42 gifts within 56 days! All you have to do is just login every day!

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Season 3 ACT 05. Redemption


Seraph 2nd Awakening

"How deep is the darkness in this world? Where are the places that need light?
I protect those who fight in their honors. The army of Heaven is at my command and my sword of light shall punish evil in this world."

New Skills

1. Raphael’s Blessing - Level 75

With Archangel Raphael’s blessing, the Seraph has transcended her mortal limits and become as strong and faithful as an archangel.

Increase Intelligence, Magical Critical Chance and Critical Atk. Increases Valiant Aria, Regenerative Aria and Resurrection range. When you receive fatal damage, one of the archangel appears to resurrect you. Right-click to turn on/off this Resurrection effect.

2. Uriel’s Ward - Level 75

Uriel’s ward inflicts Light Magic damage on a broad area as its cast, and it lasts for 3 seconds. Increase Attack/Movement/Casting Speeds for you and surrounding allies inside the ward. Also makes you Invincible and casts Super Armor on surrounding allies. It can be used in conjunction with Valiant Aria and Regeneration Aria.

3. Miracle Shine - Level 80

Heal allies and attack enemies with a miracle light.

This light, upon hitting an ally or enemy, moves from one character to another, healing HP for allies and inflicting Magic damage multiple times on enemies.

2ND Awakening Skill

Holy Spear: Brionac – Level 85

Eradicates evil with the godly spear, Brionac.

The Seraph rises to the sky and throws Brionac at the ground. Brionac inflicts Magic damage on enemies in its path, holds them for a short period, and then causes a great explosion as it crashes into the ground, inflicting great Magic damage.


Inferno 2nd Awakening

"We'll die and go to Hell, so we can punish evil there."

New Skills

1. Securise Maleficarum – Level 75

A manual containing instructions on how to punish unbelievers and demons. Improve the Inquisitor’s fighting abilities.

Increases Atk. For Basic/Jump/Dush attacks and Inquisitor skills.

- Holy Fire: Shorter cooldown

- Flege’s Firebomb: Shoots flames at the front area when used with the Forward key.

- Flege’s Essence: Shorter cooldown. It can be used in the middle of post-casting delay for skills that can be cancelled by Holy Fire.

2. God’s Wrath – Level 75

Slash upward, quickly spins in the air, slash at enemies, and then forcefully strikes downward with centrifugal force.

It can be used during Backstep and in midair. When used in the midair, this skill skips to the spinning slash motion.

3. Burning Wheel – Level 80

Summon a burning wheel that obliterates enemies.

Use Flege’s Essence on the wheel, and it adds the Incineration effect to enemies in its range.

2ND Awakening Skill

Blazing Hell – Level 85

Set the ground ablaze with holy flames, purging enemies.


Divineress 2nd Awakening

“Dear Scared Dragon, the object of my worship, the guide of my spirit and the symbol of my faith, Use me to unleash your wrath. Punish your enemies, and the unholy with the power of your rainbow light.”

New Skills

1. Power of the Dragon God - Level 75

The Dragon God lends a great power, enabling you to inflict additional damage and increasing Rosary Gun Atk. Also shorten cooldown for Sacred Dragon Ball’s additional damage and temporarily decrease incoming damage when you are attacked.

2. Amulet Pentagram – Level 75

Create a circle of exorcism amulets in front and bounces beads off them, attacking enemies inside the circle. The beads push enemies as they ricochet and attack multiple times.

3. Holy Comet - Level 80

Drop a massive rosary bead onto the front area, obliterating enemies. Use with the Forward key to adjust the dropping point.

2nd Awakening Skill

Incarnation: Raging Godly Dragon - Level 85

A godly dragon descends upon this world to save it from evil. The dragon becomes one with the Diviner, fighting evil, and then returns to Heaven. This skill holds its targets with damage.


Redeemer 2nd Awakening

New Skills

1. First Prana: Forbidden Fruit - Level 75

Learn the knowledge of the beginning of the world, increasing skill Atk. And the Seven Sins of Corruption transformation period.

Demon skills hit and release purple light from Sin-burdened Body’s aura, infliction damage on enemies within range.

2. Second Soul - Level 75

Gather enemies in front with her scythe, cut at their brand of Original Sin, launch them high in the air, slam them down into the ground, and then cause a powerful explosion.

3. Redeeming Spines - Level 80

The brand of Original Sin imprints on her back manifests into 7 spines and stabs at the front area, skewering enemies. Consumes all your Sin stacks to increase its finishing Atk.


Female Priest's 2nd Awakening items have been added for the Awakening classes.

Transcendence Weapons

2nd Awakening Special Equipment

- Lv. 80 Sub Equipment, Enlightenment of the Awakened
- Lv. 75 Unique Magic Stones, Philosopher's Boost Orbs
- Lv. 80 Epic Sub Equipment, Resolution of the Awakened
- Lv. 75 Epic Magic Stones, Ruinous Talisman Stones

Special Equipment Epic Pieces

Female Priest's 2nd Awakening options have been added to the following existing items.

Lv. 90 Epic Cross, Thunder Cross: Jupiter

Lv. 85 Epic Rosary, Hundred Eight Beads

Lv. 85 Epic Battle Axe, Destruction


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