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Petite But Powerful Female Mage in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan July 17th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

The Characters in Dungeon Fighter Online are basically set classes in the game. Each class bears its own unique set of fighting skills necessary to face off against the dangerous monsters and creatures that dwell in the dungeons of Arad. As adventurers rise in level, each class can specialize further into subclasses, opening up even more skills. Female Mage is one of the characters in the game (she must first reach level 15), petite but powerful!

Now MmoGah  introduces the Female Mage character and shares the professional experience to you as follow:


 “Tiny elements that make up this universe, come to my hands ad find your new purpose in life!"


 petite but powerful girl  


The Female Mage comes to Arad from the dying magical world of Pandemonium, hoping to find a way to revive her land. However, she finds that in order to do that, she must first save Arad itself. With the appearance of a petite young girl, the Mage is the smallest class in terms of physical stature. But she wields considerable magical power, casting spells that attack, confound and destroy the enemy.

Female Mage subclasses have spells of all four elements: Elementalist, Summoner, Witch, battle mage. Decide before advancement what elements you intend on using. It is highly recommended that you concentrate on only one or two elements -- three or all four tends to spread your SP too thinly to be effective.



Fireballs of unthinkable destruction... come from such a little girl!


Elementalist comes from little girl


She can be identified by the colorful aura rising behind them, and control the four elements Fire, Water, Light, and Darkness. Her weapons of choice are staves and rods. Staves are slower, but have the highest magic attack power potential of all Mage weapons. Rods, on the other hand, is more balanced between magic attack power and speed... ideal for quicker casting in PvP. Being the pure magical user subclass and usually staying away from the crowd, she wears clothes armor to greatly improve her magical performance.

Her Awakening is the Archmage. The Archmage's studies into magic have enlightened her on why magic exists, which allows her to call forth a storm of elements from the astral.

Her second awakening is the Overmind. The Overmind has awakened the true potential of her magic and can call forth the Sixth Element to annihilate her foes.


Summoner borrows the power of the "Core" which is the source of all Magical Energy. As she grows stronger she can summon more spirits or contract monsters faster. (Summoner is not recommended for beginner players)


Battle Mage prefers to use her weapons (spears, and poles) and closer range attacks to take down her opponents.


Witch uses magic with four elements. Upon reaching level 48, the classes can further advance to Archmage, Gaia, Bellatrix, and Sorceress respectively.


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