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Leveling Efficiency Guide in Dungeon Fighter Online

John Ryan July 23rd, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

Choosing a class in Dungeon Fighter Online is exciting and challenging to many new and aspiring players. Maybe you choose playing a class that first catches your eyes immediately.

But then you also think…“What if this class is uninterested?” or “What if this class is hard to beat the enemy?” Or “What if this class has not enough equipment?” or something similar. As an old gamer, I’ve had all same thought during the game process.

dfo classes

Here MmoGah as the professional website, will provide the proper dfo guide to you as follow:

Part 1 (lv1 - lv55 METASTASIS)

At the beginning of game, it is not hard to play this part. This part is new content, as the "tutorial" to teach you to get your core functional skills and is completely revamped in the current version (known as metastasis). It is not really hard that you suppose when you learned the character how to work, how to level up fast. Even you reach lv50, you can activate new skills while you acquired first awakening.

Part 2 (lv55 - lv70 EMPYREAN)

There is a noticeable boost in health and enemy patterns in this part, it is opened the ultimate road. So this is the keypoint that you need to start to master its awakening skills and TP skill boosts, it can drastically vary your style of game-play. You will also start opening side-dungeons known as the tower at this moment, that don't need stamina and can supply with rewards, the most interesting one being tower of despair.


There is another boost in enemy health and attack, if you are not accustomed to them, some bosses in the dungeons is serious, it can proved to be threats. Even so many classes still have not received their second awakening, this is also the key point where you get your "second awakening" (lv75).



For old gamers, this part is the real starting game, previous steps are foreshadowing to this upgrade level. Its huge and extensive endgame content is the highest selling points of DFO, actually it is exciting, as you are the real fighter to beat the enemies.

If you want to know more, you can concern about us –MmoGah, we can share the strategies and guide to you.


In the DFO filed, Equipment and skills can decide you win or fail in your character, it can decide your level upgrade fast or not, so buying DFO gold and power leveling service from MmoGah lets you master the game faster and defeat enemies soundly. 









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