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How to Play the Sewer after Passing through the Underfoot City of DFO

John Ryan July 10th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

When you start to play dungeon fighter online, the first area is Silver Crown, after receiving the quests from the NPCs, you will come to the first dungeon Abnova. There are 6 normal maps and 1 special map Forgotten Forest, if you are a new player and interested in how to fight against the enemies, the dfo strategies for Silver Crown will give you some help. When you finish the first area, you need to go for the second area the Sewer, you will pass through the Underfoot City. There is a Master Guild above the Underfoot, where you will receive many side-story quests in the future. Then how to play the second area the Sewer? Following the tips below to get acknowledge of it.

The area of the Sewer:

dfo map



The dungeons of the Meltdown:

dungeons of the Sewer

You’d better receive not only the main scenario quests but also the side-story quests. Not as the main quests that you can receive and deliver anywhere as long as you click them, you should go to the NPCs for the side-story quests. After received the quests, you will go to the first map Mushroom Guarden.

Tips for the 1st map:

The enemies and the boss of this map are all disgusted, no matter the appearances or the attacks, and the BGM of this map is the most dreadful. A tip for you is that from this map on, remember to crash the boxes to collect “old city”, which you need 20 to complete the quest. Definitely there is a random drop rate. dfo box for old city



The mouse monster Panto can relive, you’d better kill its core. Certainly quickly leave the room is also a good method. dfo dungeon mouse


The attack speed of the boss is very nimble, when you sharpen its HP to a degree, it will jump up to the sky to attack you, avoid what he throws. When you finished it, you will have a quest which requests you to use a general MP portion, just do it. Fight against this map for 3 times quickly so that you can head on to the second.

Tips for the 2nd map:

The second map is not difficult, kill the ants and the mushroom will be liberated. There is a strong ant in the following which you should watch out for. The spider queen is easy, just be careful of which leg it takes and go for the opposite side.

Generally in this map you will reach LvL20, then you can choose your profession through completing the quest from the Profession Instructor Abello. There are 4 professions in all:

Animator: Creates APCs for battle.

Enchanter: Enchants equipment using monster cards.

Disassembler: Disassembles items for materials.

Alchemist: Creates special potions.

Choose the one you like and continue on. When you meet the butterfly monsters, try to escape from the poison in order to avoid HP decrease. You’ll get upgraded after completing this and may meet Gabriel here, Gabriel Shop randomly appears and sometimes you can get some better items.

Tips for the 3rd map:

The boss is difficult and other monsters are much easy. The boss will spray poison everywhere which can hurt you much, so escape from the poison. It will bury in the earth when its HP decreases to a degree, just keep up fighting against with it. Remember to deal with your equipment, skills and get enough potions before you start the following battle.

Tips for the 4th map:

The wolf monster is really hard, if you can’t deal with it well, you may likely be seckilled. It will put a dark hole beside your foot and you can see nothing for a short moment, and a wolf head will suddenly appear to attack you which will lead to huge hurt and you can hardly escape. So the best method is seckill the monster, if not it will seckill you.

Another difficulty of this map is the Asura, he is a powerful role, and the striker in the next room may likely take you a life token!

Tips for the 5th map:

There are some buffs in this map so you need not to use potions often. The white chess can be destroyed to collect the “old city” and the Gatekeeper can control the spine to attack you so just kill him firstly. The Chessboard Princess boss is not difficult, just watch out for the moment when she dances ballet then you can complete successfully.

Tips for the special map:

You’d better take enough potions before entering it, just exchange some from the Grubeck or use dfo gold to buy some in the Auction Hall. If you don’t like team play and would like to solo, buy an ally to accompany you, MmoGah, as a professional dfo gold seller, is a good choice for you to buy dfo gold and dfo power leveling.


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