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How to Maximize Fatigue Points in Dungeon Fighter Online

All veteran players know that Fatigue Points are very important in DFO, before we shared one article (refer to FP): How to level up fast in DFO, it is popular. So how to maximize fatigue points is all players most concerned about.


dfo fatigue points


Fatigue points only allow you to run dungeons in a certain time. MmoGah shares some tips to you!


Tips No.1 Stack your quests

This is the most effective way to maximize your FPs. NPCs give a lot of quests, these quests are geared toward a specific dungeon, then you can try to get as many quests as possible with a single run, you will get not only a large amount of gold, but also a large amount of EXP.

MmoGah suggests you can use the quest box to grab quests, you no need to talk to an NPC directly, what you need to talk to NPC directly is the awakening /promotion quest.


Tips No.2 Run your last dungeon with 1FP

When you go into a dungeon, you will find there are a variety of rooms. You only need to defeat the boss to win the dungeon, it is not necessary to complete the dungeon 100% to win it. So this gives you more flexible options for how many FPs to spend per dungeon.

If you are running low on FPs, try to calculate how many dungeons you can enter and allocate them, so that it ends up with 1 FP.

The only one restriction is that you need to have some FPs when entering a dungeon. In general we do not full clear a dungeon unless a quest requires it. If you clear the entire dungeon, there will be amounts of extra EXP! You can buy dfo gold for fast EXP increase.


Tips No.3 Grind towers after using up FPs

Towers are special dungeons in dfo, these dungeons don't need FPs but limit how many times you are allowed to enter them.

Run the towers, I will start with the Tower of Ilusion, however, you can try others as you make progress.

In general, the higher you go up, the more difficult you grind towers will become, but the more EXP you will gain.


Tips No.4 Join a guild

Guild is a useful community hub for you, you can obtain guild perks and earn guild point. Guild earns the more points, it will spend the more on guild perks. At this time, guild will expedite your dungeon EXP.

I suggest you choosing a good guild. You are unable to join another guild for 72 hours after leaving! So pick wisely! Look at the forums, or scout out the guild by talking with its members online!


If you don’t want to be tired of trying these ways, we advise you to buy the dfo gold or find dfo power leveling service to help you to level up fast, MmoGah can provide these service to you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.




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