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How to Make Gold Fast in Dungeon Fighter Online: Section 2

Shirley Huang August 10th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

With your DFO level becomes higher and higher, the need for Dungeon Fighter Gold becomes more and more essential. Then how to make a lot of gold attracts every player's attention. So what are the efficient ways to make gold? Here MmoGah shares some useful dfo guide to you!


Upgrade the equipment

Anyone who played DFO knew, equipment upgrade is a big hole, but you had to upgrade it. This means upgrading the equipment is not easy, but luckily it is much faster than before, efficiency is much higher. You no need to buy the good equipment at the beginning of the game, try to grind dungeons every day.  


Strengthen the equipment

This occurs more frequently in the game, compared with conventional equipment, it adds 1-2 base stats.

Strengthen equipment needs materials and game gold, the equipment of different colors and levels needs different quantity of materials and game gold, enhances properties are different.


The equipment rarity bases on the equipment’ falling chance and overall occupation of equipment to classify. It divides into: ordinary equipment (white), superior equipment (blue), rare equipment (purple), unique equipment (Pink), epic equipment (orange), chronicle and legendary equipment (red).


dfo color cube fragments


These are made from color cube fragments, which can be gotten from grinding blue items. If you have consistently grinded your blue items, you will have amassed all types’ color cube fragments. If you are lucky and have gotten over 1000 pink and white cube fragments, you will no need to buy from auction hall.

You cannot control how many color cube fragments you get, but you will get a lucky break sometimes, which let you extra obtain around 10 times color cubes. When you grind white and blue items, you will get more.

Rare equipment’s falling chance is very low, it can be obtained from killing monsters in the field, hiding BOSS, buying from duel wins and so on.


Make a team to grind dungeons    

When you reach the high level, it is hard to beat the boss if you still solo grinding dungeons, so this way is suitable for the senior players.

You organize several players, go into the dungeons, rush to the Warrior grade, destroy all the maps, beat all the bosses, you'll get a lot of gold!


dfo beat the boss



Though there are many ways to make gold in DFO, many players may feel dysphoric to do so. For this group of players, I share you a good online site--MmoGah, this is a perfect dfo gold selling site. This is a great team offering the professional service for dfo gold and dfo power leveling.


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