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How to Make Gold Fast in Dungeon Fighter Online: Section 1

By Shirley Huang2015-08-05

Gold is very important in Dungeon Fighter Online, no dfo gold means no good equipment and weapon, strengthen also needs dfo gold, so how to make gold fast in the game? MmoGah as the professional game website, shares some useful dfo strategies and guide to game players.

So let MmoGah share the strategies as follow:


Brush dungeons

This is the main method for making gold, solo is better than team playing. Both obtain gold, and also get high experience. At the early time, task materials are the main objects for making gold, because DFO has many tasks need materials dropped from monsters in dungeons, but some materials’ falling chance is very low.



dfo choose the roles


Build multiple roles

When you want to build the roles, you need to choose favorite ones, fast and stable roles to brush dungeons. If you like this role, play with passion, brush dungeons with efficiency. Roles in the same account are registered preferably 4 to 8.


Brush the abyss and ancient maps

If you are lucky, it’s easier to get the good equipment.


dfo auction hall


Go to the auction hall, resell the materials, equipment

This method is suitable for all players who want to be DFO businessman. It is also one of the most popular ways to make gold.

Go to the auction hall, when you compare the material or equipment price and it is lower than market price, buy them, and then raise their price, resell on the auction hall again. It means that you earn the middle profit.


Advantage: large profit margin, it has the potential rich to be get.

Disadvantage: spend time, cost, there is risk.


To be a businessman need some condition:

1. Have adequate liquidity money.

2. Understand the demand of some goods in the game.

3. Understand the price of some goods, master the market price at any time.

4. Buy the stores right in the mall! This is necessary.

5. Understand the customer shopping desire, if he really wants to buy this stuff, you can raise the price; if the equipment is quite rare,  you can raise the price. Here I tell you that White light saber and Red giant sword are more popular.


You can choose any strategies of the above, more strategies will show to you for Section 2 next time, so concern about us- MmoGah, we can provide the dfo gold and dfo power leveling service to you. Because keeping dfo gold is necessary in game







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