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How to Level Up Fast in Dungeon Fighter Online

Shirley Huang September 04th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

In DFO, all veteran players are concerned about how to make gold fast, how to level up fast, how to beat the boss. Different players have different opinion in the DFO community:

Some say grinding dungeons till high level.

Some say doing the special 8-fatigue dungeons of every 'world' until fanatic.

Some say following the normal quest line until level 45 or something...


 dfo sky tower


Here MmoGah shares dfo strategy guide for doing quests and grinding dungeons smoothly, they can maximize your EXP and farming with the limited FP (Fatigue Point).


All veteran players knew there is a Fatigue system in DFO, it takes one FP to run one room. If you fail a dungeon, you will lose FP and stamina, so avoid failing it.



Before you run the last dungeon of the day, you should leave at least one FP. The lack of fatigue point prevents you from entering dungeons.

FP also limits how many dungeons you can run but playing smart will maximize the EXP. If your last dungeon happens to be a special dungeon, you should leave 8 FP instead.



Do not grind Frost Caves, it is not worth. If you are out-leveling your epics, do not be afraid to leave them uncompleted, waste of your FP to finish them all off.



Only do the quests, it is not necessary to clear all dungeons. If you want to obtain EXP, doing quests will be much faster than grinding dungeons.



Do not use the EXP potions which are gotten from quests, you can use EXP points later when leveling takes longer. Remember that EXP points have a 72 hours expiration date, if you can control the time, you should use the EXP potions to beat the boss.



If you want to maximize your daily EXP, we advise you to grind the highest difficulty dungeons.

Tower of the Dead, Tower of Illusion, and Altar of Infinity will be the main ones. At level 65 you unlock Tower of Ascension, grinding it till level 67. If you save your epics till 67, you will be easy to reach level 68 for epic quests.


dfo forgotten lands


Grinding Forgotten Land is a fast way to get EXP. MmoGah shares the article Forgotten Land strategy guide in DFO for your guide. The fastest way to level up is buying dfo gold, MmoGah as the professional website, provides dfo gold and dfo power leveling to you. So don’t hesitate to contact us.






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