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How to Get Chronicle Equipment in the Dungeons of Saint Horn

John Ryan June 30th, 2015 DFO    DFO Gold    DFO Gold Help   

As a 2D arcade-style action MMORPG, Dungeon Fighter Online is quite different from other MMOs. Unlike players in those games could do farming, planting, housing and so on, fighters in DFO pay more attention to their lvl, skill and equipment to make themselves more powerful for better enjoying the fun from fighting through the dungeons. With the side story of Power Station going on, Saint Horn with the Interdimensional Rift and the Ancient Ruins brings Chronicle Equipment in front of dungeon fighters. Then, how to get chronicle equipment with Exorcism Attribute is more attractive to players.

DFO Chronicle Equipment

The chronicle equipment strengthens player’s specific stats or skills, which also has Exorcism attribute that will minimize the creatures’ immunity from human attacks. There are two ways for players to get them: from the dungeons or from the NPCs.

  • from the dungeons

Players can get chronicle equipment from the dungeons of Interdimensional Rift. They are otherverse dungeons which players can only enter twice per day. The chronicle equipment has Exorcism attribute that can minimize creatures’ immunity from human attacks. Each dungeon has its own limit to character’s Exorcism Value, the required value varies depending on the dungeon difficulties. The required values for different difficulties are in the following:

Required Exorcism Value


If character’s exorcism is lower than the dungeon required value, then a penalty would be occurred. So make sure to have enough Exorcism value for avoiding a penalty and gather enough materials and dfo gold to get powerful equipment to pass through the dungeons. What’s more important is that players should pay more attention to control characters and skills. From dungeon fighters starting from the Silver Crown at the beginning, MmoGah has been providing dfo strategies and dfo news, if what we do could give players some help, we would feel happy.

  • from the NPCs

It needs Interdimensional Fragments if players want to trade chronicle equipment from the NPC Bowmaster Ludmilla or NPC Natalia Sue. Players can find both of them in the Saint Horn, what you want are waiting for you!

 trade chronicle equipment from the NPCs


Players can also do the repeatable quests from the NPC Bowmaster Ludmilla to win the entrance ticket for the dungeons of the Ancient Ruins. There is also another NPC called Captain Luther that will give players repeatable quests for the tickets.

NPCs for entrance tickets

Entrance Tickets for Dungeons of the Ancient Ruins:

Ancient Ruins entrance tickets


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